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Jolene Jacquart

M.A., The University of Texas - Austin

Anxiety & Health Behaviors Lab
Jolene Jacquart



Health Behaviors, CBT & Exposure Therapy, Exercise, Mindfulness, the Relaxation Response


Jolene Jacquart graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a B.S. in Psychology and Neurobiology in 2012. After graduating, Jolene worked as a clinical research coordinator at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital for several funded clinical trials examining mind-body practices. Jolene is currently a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program at UT-Austin under Dr. Jasper Smits.

Jolene’s broad research interests are understanding the mechanisms, dosing, and adherence of alternative treatment and augmentation strategies for anxiety and depressive disorders (e.g., aerobic exercise, yoga). Her current research project investigates the ability for exercise to augment virtual reality exposure therapy for acrophobia.



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