Institute of Mental Research
Institute of Mental Research


The mission of the Institute for Mental Health Research is to conduct interdisciplinary research that uses advances in basic research with clinical and non-clinical populations to develop innovative treatments for mental health disorders.


Researchers affiliated with the IMHR conduct research that ranges from basic behavioral research with normal populations to treatment trials with clinical populations. A unifying theme among IMHR faculty is an interest in how basic behavioral research can be used to understand and treat mental illness and behavioral disorders. Work within this center is inherently interdisciplinary and integrative. Findings from psychology, genetics, imaging, bioinformatics, and affective science are used to guide IMHR research with an eye toward how these findings can be used to develop innovative treatments or identify who is likely to respond best to established treatments. We believe that developing comprehensive models of psychopathology across levels of analysis (e.g., genetic, neural, behavioral, environmental) will allow us to develop a more complete understanding of the disorder and consequently develop more effective interventions.  

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