Centralized Business Services

Cash Advance Request for Travel

Pre-Travel Preparation

•  First, request an RTA number through your CBS group using the online TAR request form.
•  Complete the Travel Cash Advance Request Form online 10 business days prior to travel. 
       Please do not request a cash advance more than 30 days prior to travel.
•   Documentation to Include with the request: VE5/RTA, AIS for participants, Restricted Regions approval, and/or Foreign Travel on State Funds approval.
•  CBS will email you if any documentation is missing
•  Once the request is appropriately signed and routed to the Office of Accounting the request will be uploaded to Box
•  When the check is ready for pick up in MAI 132, the cash advance recipient or person indicated on the request form will be notified.
       Please bring a photo ID to pick up the check. 
       Checks are only released to the person named on the cash advance.
•  Please contact CBS if you plan to purchase any equipment prior to or during travel.

During travel

•  By accepting the cash advance, you are responsible for keeping all receipts.
•  If you will be paying a consultant, you must fill out a receipt for each individual and obtain a signature from him/her (provided below),
   and include on your spreadsheet.        

Post travel

•  All receipts and documentation should be submitted to Gregory Halverstadt within 14 days of the end of travel.
• CBS will calculate the currency conversion using Oanda.com
• Your CBS contact will email you if additional information is required.

Please include the following for your reconciliation:
• paperclip all receipts and place in an envelope
• a word document or excel spreadsheet indicating the expense type for each receipt
• the VE5/RTA coversheet
• AIS for payments to participants
• Restricted Regions approval, FTG approval, Foregin Travel on State Funds approval
(Please do not tape, highlight, or staple receipts. If receipts are in a language other than English, please provide proper translations.)

       - If you are in a department, please assign the RTA to your departmental contact.
       - If you are in a unit serviced directly by CoLA CBS, please assign the RTA to your CBS contacts:
             Group 1 (Gregory Halverstadt, Peter Koester)
             Group 2 (Amy McMillan, Matthew Smith, Andrew Beachum)
       - Please note that if receipts presented are less than the total funds requested, the university requires
         you to submit a check to pay back the unused portion of funds.
       - If expenses exceed the cash advance, you will receive reimbursement after the reconciliation of
         documents is complete
       - Receipts presented must be within the dates noted on the cash advance.

CoLA CBS Contact for Cash Advances: Gregory Halverstadt or Andrew Beachum

For more information on Cash Advances for Travel, please refer to the Handbook of Business Procedures.