Centralized Business Services

Entertainment FAQ

Q: Should receipts be uploaded with the submission of the OOEF?
A: It is not necessary to upload a receipt if you plan to submit your receipt separately.  If the receipt is uploaded it is not necessary to submit the actual receipt separately.

Q: What should be done if an itemized receipt is not available?
A: Please click the appropriate checkbox on the online OOEF for approval.

Q:  What steps need to be taken after an AT&T card is used?
A:  Please obtain your receipt from the dining facility and include it with the OOEF submission. 

Q:  Can an individual be reimbursed for parking charges while at a restaurant?
A:  Yes. Please submit parking receipt along with appropriate meal receipt.

Q:  A request was not submitted prior to an event to exceed the $75 allowance. What steps should be taken?
A:  Please explain the situation to your CBS team and they will request an after-the-fact exception from Chief Business Officer Kimberly Biar. Please note that these requests are not always approved, so it is best to make sure to request the exception prior to the official occasion.

Q:  Can a reimbursement be made for meals of a spouse, child, or companion?
A:  Yes, meals can be reimbursed for a spouse, child, or companion of the attending faculty or staff member or visitor of the university as long as he/she was present at the time the meal took place.

Q: Can an individual be reimbursed for a meal at somebody's home?
A: Yes, as long as it is an approved UT “Official Occasion.” *NOTE: the address of the meeting should be added to the notes section of the OOEF.

Q: Should a blanket OOEF be processed for monthly entertainment purchases?
A: Yes, a blanket OOEF is acceptable for monthly purchases such as water delivery.