Centralized Business Services

ProCard FAQ

Q:  Can Central Market items be purchased with a ProCard? 
A:  Yes, because Central Market is classified as a grocery store. Please be sure to submit both the Event Sheet and itemized receipt along with the OOEF. *NOTE: Food from Central Market may not be consumed at the restaurant. 

Q:  Can monthly water charges be purchased with a ProCard? 
A:  Yes. Please provide montly receipt with the OOEF submitted to your CBS team.

Q:  Can flowers be purcahsed with a ProCard? 
A:  Flower and plant purchases are restricted to institutional funds only and may not be purchased on state funds. Please reference the Handbook of Business Procedures for more information.

Q: What if state tax is charged to the ProCard?
A: Please have the Texas sales tax charge credited back from the vendor as soon as possible and provide your CBS team with the proper documentation.

Q:  Can alcohol be purchased on the ProCard?
A:  Please email Chief Business Officer Kimberly Biar with a request to purchase alcohol on the ProCard prior to the event where alcohol will be present. *NOTE: Texas State sales tax will be charged to the ProCard for alcohol purchases. This is an acceptable and unavoidable charge.