Centralized Business Services

Reimbursement FAQ

Q:  Should receipts be uploaded with the submission of the OOEF? 
A:  It is not necessary to upload a receipt if you plan to submit your receipt separately. If the receipt is uploaded it is not necessary to submit the actual receipt separately. 

Q:  What should be done if an itemized receipt is not available?
A:  Please click the appropriate checkbox on the online OOEF for approval. 

Q:  Can an individual be reimbursed for parking charges while at a restaurant? 
A:  Yes. Please submit parking receipt along with appropriate meal receipt with your OOEF submission.

Q:  A request was not submitted prior to an event to exceed the $75 per person allowance. What steps should be taken? 
A:  Please let your CBS team know that you would like to request an exception from Associate Dean Kimberly Biar listing the business reason for the excess cost. *NOTE: Exceptions are not always approved.

Q:  Can a reimbursement be made for meals of a spouse, child, or companion
A:  Yes, meals can be reimbursed for a spouse, child, or companion of the visitor of the university. Reimbursement for a spouse, child, or companion of a faculty member is allowable if the visiitor has also brought his/her spouse, child, or companion.

Q:  Is there a limit on the amount of gratuity that can be reimbursed?
A:  Gratuities should not exceed 20% of the subtotal before taxes.

Q:  Should individuals who did not eat at an Official Event be included on an OOEF? 
A:  Yes, all people in attendence need to be listed. The number of guests on the receipt should match the number of names listed on the form or a note needs to be included as to why there is a difference. 

Q:  Should children's names be included on an OOEF? 
A:  Yes, all people in attendence, including children, should be listed.

Q:  What does affiliation mean? What if a person is not affiliated with a school? 
A:  Affiliation should be noted as the department, school, or company for which the individual works. If no affiliation applies, please write "N/A".

Q:  What is a business purpose
A:  A business purpose is an explanation of why the event was held. An example is dinner with guest speakers to discuss research and collaboration. 

Q:  When should entertainment expenses related to travel be submitted? 
A:  Entertainment expenses should be submitted at the same time as the travel reimbursement request. 

Q:  How do entertainment expenses during travel affect a traveler's $41 meal allowance
A:  The entertainment expense will be reimbured 100%. The meal allowance will be adjusted accordingly. 

Q:  Is an itemized receipt needed for reimbursement of catering charges? 
A:  Yes, please attached itemized receipt with the OOEF request. *NOTE: Sometimes these receipts are called Event Forms or Event Sheets.

Q:  Can charges for flowers be reimbursed to individuals? 
A:  Charges for flowers can be reimbursed if sent by a department or office to honor the deceased or for recognition.

Q:  Is it necessary to create an OOEF for flower charges? 
A:  Yes. An OOEF is necessary as it show sthe approval by applicable chair/director or dean.

Q:  Is it necessary to create an OOEF for the purchase of plastic tableware and paper plates for an event?
A:  Yes, any items purchased related to an event outside normal operations must have an OOEF associated with the reimbursement or payment. 

Q:  Does a fully executed contract need to be submitted with the OOEF for a banquet at a hotel? 
A:  Yes, please upload with the OOEF request. *NOTE: This does not apply to the AT&T center since it is affiliated with the University.