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Purchasing Policy

As stewards of University funds, we are all expected to comply with purchasing guidelines as described in the University's Handbook of Business Procedures as well as the College of Liberal Arts Purchasing Policy


Contracts are legal agreements between the University and an individual or business entity. For all contracts, CBS clients should contact the Business Contracts office with any questions.

Some instances when contracts are required are listed below.  Other instances exist, so once again, please do contact the Business Contracts office for more information.

         • Catering (when a down payment is required or alcohol is served)
         • Use of a logo
         • Hotel agreement (booking a block of rooms for guests, conference
            rooms, or related services)
         • Charter Buses when UT employees and/or students will be

Contract templates and additional information can be found in here.

To determine if a payment will require a purchase order or a contract, you can review the matrix, or contact your CBS team for assistance. 


Co-sponsorship payments are categorized into internal and external methods for handling these payments.

Internal Co-sponsorships – UT Departments, centers, and organizations donate funds to another UT unit in support of an event. The two entities involved do not need to be in the same college. Example: Department A would like to give Department B $300 to bring a Guest Lecturer to campus to give a talk.

Please email your CBS team regarding any internal co-sponsorships.

External Co-sponsorships - UT Departments, centers, and organizations donate funds to a group or organization outside of UT in support of an event. All external co-sponsorships require completion of the Co-Sponsorship Approval Form Example: “Department A would like to give $300 to an outside organization to assist with general expenses related to an event.”
  • • If you are using a grant (26 account), you will also complete the Co-Sponsorship Approval form for Sponsored Projects (PDF) and attach it to the Co-Sponsorship Approval Form linked above.
  • • UT student organizations are considered external entities and will be processed as external co-sponsorships
  • • All promotional materials should include UT as a sponsor.
  • • A detailed invoice is required from the group or organization in order to obtain college approval and make the payment.
  • • If the agreement includes payment to the organization for a visitor’s fees or travel, a contract may be required. Please check with your CBS team.


Deposits of cash and checks may be made through your CBS team.    

         • Please stamp and endorse the check and complete the CBS Deposit
            Request Form (PDF)
. Please do not send cash or checks through
            campus mail or by using the CBS envelopes. CBS will pick up
            the cash or check from your office.
         • Gift donations (i.e. checks from donors that are not for payment, or
            reimbursement) need to be processed via the College Development
         • Call CBS if you have questions about how to process a check or cash
            needing deposit.


Memberships to professional organizations may be purchased with a ProCard, reimbursed to an individual, or paid directly to the organization. If using state funds (14 or 20 account), please refer to the list of approved memberships. Always include the date range covered by the purchased membership.

  • • If a membership fee is paid with a ProCard, please submit the receipt along with either the Procard Charge Form (PDF) or Survey to your CBS team.
  • • If a membership is to be reimbursed to an individual, please submit the receipt along with a General Reimbursement Form (PDF) or Survey to your CBS team.
  • • If a vendor provides an invoice for membership fees, please submit the invoice along with a General Reimbursement Form (PDF) or Survey to your CBS team.


*NOTE: Please use the ProCard Charge Survey to send the information and receipt to your CBS team within three days of your purchase.

Procurement Cards (or ProCards) are for individual faculty and staff to use for various academic/administrative purchases. ProCards are tied to UT accounts and therefore must be properly reconciled each month. Please note that all office supplies purchased using the procard must follow the rules mandated by UT and the Today's Business Solutions contract. Please contact CBS if you have questions.

         • Policies of Appropriate Conduct with Procard    

CBS Team 1 contact: Jonah Trout
CBS Team 2 contact: Angie Martinez

The billing address for all Procard accounts is:

Purchasing Office

1616 Guadalupe
UTA, Suite 3.302
Austin, TX 78701

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders can be created for the purchase of items, or services from companies or individuals. Please fill out the Purchase Order Request Online Survey and submit it to your CBS team for processing.

         *NOTE: All purchase orders must be approved prior to the start of the

To determine if a payment will require a purchase order or a contract, you can review the matrix, or contact your CBS team for assistance.


Scholarships and fellowships may be paid to students for travel, cash awards, stipends, or tuition. Please fill out the Scholarship/Fellowship Payment Survey and submit it to your CBS team for processing.


Most software and technology purchases should go through UT Market if possible. If software or technology cannot be found in UT Market, please consult the Business Contracts Software site prior to the purchase. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of software, please contact your CBS team. The preferred format is download, and price will affect purchase method.

Wire Transfers

When requesting a wire transfer or foreign draft, please complete the Wire Transfer Information Form (PDF) and send this along with any backup documentation (invoice, RTA form, and/or payment contract) to your CBS team for processing.


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