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All hourly and monthly basis paid employees are required to complete timesheets electronically, with the exception of faculty, teaching assistants, graduate research assistants, and assistant instructors.

Student employees in academic titles other than TA, GRA, AI should be assigned on an hourly basis wherever possible and complete an hourly electronic timesheet.

The semi-monthly payroll periods for hourly paid employees are:

  • Period 1: Covering 1st thru 15th days of each month and
  • Period 2: Covering 16th thru end of month
  • All time sheets should be completed and final approved by supervisor no later than next working day after end of each period.
  • Employees complete their time sheet online and approve forward to supervisor in advance of deadlines.
  • Timesheets must have final approval by both the employee the supervisor by the deadline to be included in the semi monthly payroll.
  • Late approved timesheets will pay out on the following payroll period.


Please complete all time sheets by noon on the 1st and 16th of each month (or next business day if deadline falls on weekend or holiday).

Electronic time sheets are required: Login to Time Sheet system

Managers and Supervisors: Timekeeping Tips

  • Encourage your staff to complete their time sheets each and every week and remember to approve them forward to supervisors.
  • Encourage your staff to complete their time sheets each and every week even if no hours worked that week, else we can't tell whether worked or not.
  • Supervisors must monitor the timely creation and final approval of their staff's time sheets and approve them in advance of payroll deadlines.
  • Supervisors should approve an employee's time sheets in date order, approving older week's sheets before proceeding to newer weeks.
  • Supervisors should become familiar with University leave policies and review and approve staff leave time in accord with these policies.

Supervisors can review their team's timesheet progress, so all their time sheets get final approved on time. 
* Review Timesheet Status Page:

On this page you'll type in the account number you have your workers appointed on to view the list.
Only the green boxes are completed time sheets, so anything else is still incomplete time sheet and will not pay out on next paycheck if not completed by the deadline.

If you need help with this page or encounter troubles and/or knowing your accounts further, please contact John for assistance.

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