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Time Sheets

All hourly and salaried employees are required to complete timesheets in Workday with the exception of faculty, teaching assistants, graduate research assistants, and assistant instructors.

 There are two semi-monthly payroll periods for hourly paid employees:

  • Period 1: 1st through 15th of each month
  • Period 2: 16th through end of month


Please complete and submit all timesheets weekly.

Timesheets that aren’t approved by the payroll deadlines will not be paid out for that pay period. Late-approved timesheets will pay out on the following payroll period.

Managers and Supervisors: Timekeeping Tips

  • Please require your staff to complete and submit their timesheets every week.
  • If your hourly, non-leave eligible employee did not work during a week, please have them record “No Hours to Report this Week” on their timesheet. Instructions can be found here.
  • Supervisors must monitor the timely creation and final approval of their staff's timesheets and approve them in advance of payroll deadlines.
  • Supervisors should approve an employee's timesheets in date order, approving older week's sheets before proceeding to newer weeks.
  • Supervisors should become familiar with University leave policies and review and approve staff leave time in accordance with these policies.


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