Centralized Business Services

Wire Transfers and Foreign Drafts

When requesting a wire transfer or foreign draft, a State of Texas Manual Purchase Voucher should be completed as well the Wire Transfer Information Form.  

•  The completed forms should be submitted to the CoLA CBS office along with any back up documentation such as the invoice, APS form, RTA form, and/or payment contract.  
•  For purchases under $500, only one authorized signature is required.  Purchases over $500, two authorized signers are required.  (see the GBS screen in Define). 
•  In cases, where the wire transfer uses endowed accounts administered by the College of Liberal Arts Dean's office (the account title is preceded by 'DLA'), the paperwork must route to CBS Group 1 or 2 for review.
• Please do not include the wire transfer fee on the voucher unless a separate account number will be use to pay the fee.

All wire transfer requests that route to CoLA CBS Office for approval will be forwarded to the Office of Accounting, MAI 132, within 1-business day of being signed. Signed paperwork will be uploaded to Box.
Note: Please do not send any copies to Cash Management.  

For more information on wire transfers and foreign drafts, please refer to the university instructions and slide show.

Questions: Contact CBS Group 1 or CBS Group 2
Wire Transfers and Foreign Drafts Instructions