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2014-15 Year-Round Nevada Conservation Corps AmeriCorps Crew Member2014-15 Year-Round Crew Leader Advancement Program

Wed, August 20, 2014

Explore this position and apply via your BTT Gateway account, Job ID 8638

Description: Spend a year working and camping outside at some of Nevada’s premier natural areas and join a program designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to lead a crew in the field, developing communication and leadership skills for life. Your experience begins with nine months as a crew member on a 5-personcrew, during which you’ll gain valuable field experience while working on habitat improvement, restoration, and recreation projects with the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Nevada Division of Forestry. Projects may include trail construction and maintenance, hazardous fuels reduction, and habitat restoration. During your tenure as a crew member you will receive trainings in leadership development, spend extended periods of time camping in the field with fellow crew leaders candidates, and take turns acting as the lead on service projects that are meant to prepare you for the challenges of leading a crew. 

Your days will be spent working long hours, honing project management and technical skills; evenings will be spent around the fire learning and practicing the fundamental skills of effective leadership. You will be trained in trail building and maintenance, dry masonry, chainsaw use, Wilderness First Aid, off-road driving, leadership, conflict management, and more. You will also have the opportunity to shadow current NCC field staff, practice leadership techniques and receive the feedback and support needed to improve your skills. 

Upon successful completion of the leadership development training you will be assigned a summer project (based out of Reno, NV; Las Vegas, NV; Ely, NV; or Great Basin National Park) and will take on the responsibility of leading a crew. You will lead four to nine AmeriCorps Crew Members while building trail or running chainsaws in some of Nevada’s most beautiful locales. You will coordinate with agency partners and collaborate with peers to see that project goals are accomplished safely and efficiently. Based on your specific project you will be camped in the field with your crew on either 4-day or 8-day "tours" often in primitive and remote locations and will responsible for managing and facilitating a healthy and cohesive community within your crew. 

Different than any other professional experience you could imagine, being a crew leader with the NCC is a full-time, intensive commitment where you will always be a resource to the members serving with you both while on service project sites or back at camp after a long day. Both preparing for and leading a crew requires unwavering dedication, and a willingness to put the needs of others first. Successful applicants will demonstrate dependability, excellent judgment, and high standards. We are looking for individuals who will lead by example and be a role model for the members who join our program. Though this position is challenging, the rewards are abundant and the bonds forged with your crew, peers and with the outdoors will last a lifetime. 

Compensation: This is an AmeriCorps volunteer position; candidates will receive a living stipend of $16,000 for the year. This is a fixed amount, not an hourly wage or a salary. This stipend is paid to members in bi-weekly installments throughout the entire year to assist with living expenses. Upon completion of AmeriCorps national service contract, members shall receive an additional education award in the amount of $5,550 that can be used for paying off student loans or paying tuition for a Title IV accredited college. Health insurance benefits are provided. 

Timeline: September 2, 2014 – August 20, 2015 (please be prepared to serve for entire term) 

Conservation Projects: 
* Trail construction and maintenance 
* Exotic & invasive species removal 
* Hazardous fuels reduction 
* Habitat restoration 
* Riparian restoration 
* Illegal road decommissioning 
* Fence construction or decommissioning 

Essential Duties as Crew Member (Sept-May): 
* Percentage of time spent on: labor– 70%, traveling– 20%, hiking– 10% 
* Lifting 25lbs continuously and 50lbs occasionally 
* Maintaining a positive and professional attitude at all times while providing service. 
* Communicating effectively with crew members, crew leaders, NCC staff and agency project staff. 
* Complying with both production and quality work standards established by NCC 
administration, crew supervisors and project partners. 
* Camping up to seven nights in wilderness setting without formal restroom facilities or running water. 
* Contributing to basic duties at the campsite including cooking, cleaning and organizing crew equipment. 
* Showing respect when interacting with other members, leaders, staff, project sponsors and community members. 
* Participating in in-field education sessions. 

Essential Duties as Crew Leader (May-August; promotion to Crew Leader is NOT GUARANTEED & depends on performance review: 
* Exemplify strong work ethic, professionalism, and sound judgment 
* Lead young adults on a variety of challenging conservation projects 
* Understand and abide by all NCC policies and procedures; ensure all safety protocols followed 
* Maintain a positive and professional attitude at all times; be able to boost crew morale 
* Effectively communicate with NCC staff, partnering agencies, peers, and crew members 
* Coordinate project logistics with agency partners, Crew Coordinator, and peers 
* Work alongside members to complete project goals 
* Provide clear and consistent feedback to crew members 
* Teach, instruct and support members in trail building, chainsaw use, and other project/NCC specific tasks 
* Engage members in an active crew life 
* Facilitate weekly crew meetings and debriefs 
* Transport crew and equipment safely in NCC trucks 
* Manage and maintain crew gear, tools and other various NCC/agency equipment 
* Complete weekly reporting of accomplishments 
* Uphold NCC and AmeriCorps standards of work production and quality 
* Support and manage crew meal planning 

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. 

Work Schedule & Location: Schedules will be dictated by project site and distance from the field station. Crews will be assigned to several projects throughout the season; therefore schedule may vary. Crews typically serve 10 hour days (7:00 AM to 5:30 PM); members could be on a 4/3 (4 days on; 3 days off) or an 8/6 (8 days on; 6 days off. Members could serve up to 50 hours in a week and may be required to attend trainings on some Fridays in addition to time spent "on hitch," working on regular projects in the field. Due to the seasonal nature of field work in Nevada, you may be required to relocate more than once during the term. Teams will begin service in Southern Nevada, based in Las Vegas, and will remain there until the end of April, when they will be given the option to continue serving in the Las Vegas area or relocate to our Northern or Eastern Nevada field stations for the summer months. The NCC will help during the transition time with housing recommendations. We will not provide housing nor sign leases, but we can assist with identifying housing options. 

The locations of service will depend on which regional office you are assigned to for during your term of service. Restoration crews will, at least for the first nine months of service, deploy from our Las Vegas Field station. 

Training: Members will participate in orientation from September 2, 2014 to September 5, 2014. During orientation members will receive training in technical skills related to the specific crew they are placed on. Members will also be trained in Leave-No-Trace ethics and CPR/First Aid. 

Required Qualifications: 
* US Citizenship or Permanent Legal Residency 
* At least 18 years of age 
* Must pass an FBI fingerprint background check and National Sex Offender Public Registry name check; ANY past criminal convictions must be disclosed 
* Clean driving record (must qualify to drive GBI Vehicles) 
* Current driver’s license 
* High School diploma or GED certificate 
* Eligible to receive an AmeriCorps education award 
* Physical ability to work long days, in adverse conditions, on labor intensive projects 
* Effective communication skills 
* Ability to adapt to changing project and schedule expectations 

Desired Qualifications: 
* Previous leadership experience with youth or young adults 
* Experience working with a Conservation or Youth Corps 
* Camping/backpacking experience 
* Experience constructing recreational trails; chainsaw operating experience 
* Familiarity with basic conservation skills including tool maintenance 
* Receptive to feedback; able to communicate challenges 
* Ability to create and facilitate a positive experience for crew members

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