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Fri, May 31, 2013

Tsinghua International School


Tsinghua International School, located on the campus of Tsinghua University, is a grade 1-12 school providing a unique educational experience for the approximately 270 members of the student body. The school utilizes a progressive/inquiry based, North American approach to instruction coupled with a decidedly Eastern influence.

Position Description
We are seeking a Math teacher who will teach one section each of Pre Calculus and Advanced Pre Calculus and two sections of Grade 8 Algebra. This individual must be a strong believer in "Reform Mathematics" and therefore prepared to utilize elements of American Progressive Education including an inquiry based approach with a focus on learning outcomes during all phases of student engagement, instruction and classroom organization. This individual must be willing to work with other staff members as well as parents. While most responsibilities are delineated below, the individual must be flexible and wiling to lend a hand when and where needed.

- Provide a nurturing, caring and supportive environment for students.
- Hold students to high academic standards.
- Provide excellent instruction in Mathematics.
- Utilize inquiry as a major instructional model.
- Differentiate math instruction for the various levels of students.
- Reinforce Literacy skills through Mathematics especially those identified in the Literacy Common Core Standards of the US.
- Work to develop an interdisciplinary focus with other teachers.
- Participate actively in curriculum writing using "Understanding by Design" as the model. Standards for Mathematics are from the US Common Core Standards.
- Work with the ESL students within the regular class while maintaining an English only classroom and collaborating with the ESL teacher.
- Promote cross cultural understanding among the students.
- Maintain a strong, positive and informative relationship with parents.
- Manage a Homeroom group of students as your advisees.
- Prepare for and participate in all parent conferences.
- Lead an after school club for middle or secondary students.
- Actively engage in professional development during school sessions as well as during the normal school day.
- Occasionally cover a class for a colleague.
- Manage a study hall if needed.
- Participate in and/or lead school events that may occur in the evenings and/or on weekends.

- Excellent English language skills
- Bachelor’s degree or higher in Mathematics
- State or Provincial certification in Mathematics education
- Strong belief in "Reform Mathematics"
- Knowledge and experience with inquiry based instruction with a focus on learning outcomes.
- Experience working effectively with middle and high school aged young people.
- Strong interest in living and working in China.

Salary and Benefits
- Annual salary based on experience and ranges between $30,000 and $48,000 with an additional $600 for a Master's Degree.
- $560 per month toward housing; $721 the second year.
- $3,200 toward Health Insurance.
- $80 per month added in to cover part of the taxes taken.
- A flight to Beijing. Teachers are picked up at the Beijing airport by our staff and transported to the dorm where they may stay for up to 3 weeks without charge while looking for an apartment.
- A flight home after school ends in June and after completing the terms of the contract.
- School pays for the work visa and Heath Check. The Health Check takes place in Beijing after arrival.
- The school will provide an orientation to the school and Beijing for new employees. The orientation will include assistance in finding a suitable apartment.


To Apply,

Please complete the online application form and submit your resume at

Application deadline is 5/31/2013.

Please visit us at for more job openings.

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