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Center for Autism and Related Disorders C.A.R.D., Behavior Therapist I, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 11060

Fri, October 30, 2015

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The Behavior Therapist I is responsible for the direct implementation of CARD treatment programs to patients with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Under the guidance of CARD Supervisors, Behavior Therapists work with patients in a variety of settings which include the patient’s home, the patient’s school, and the CARD Clinic. Extensive initial and ongoing training in ABA therapy techniques and the CARD curriculum is provided. ABA Therapy sessions are primarily conducted in a one on one format, with mentorship, training and support from Supervisors and Therapist Liaisons in order to ensure the highest quality of treatment. Behavior Therapists are responsible for accurate data collection and reporting on all treatment activities. CARD patients range in age from children to adults. Additional training is provided throughout your career as a Behavior Therapist in order to accommodate the many programs and levels of treatment provided. This position requires that billable hours remain at a minimum of 85% of total hours worked, with a maximum of 15% non-billable time to accommodate trainings provided, office hours and travel time. This position can be full or part time and is non-exempt. 
1. Initial Behavior Therapist Training 
a. 15 hour eLearning training on concepts in ABA and treatment programs 
i. Must pass written exam prior to beginning direct client care 
b. Up to 10 hours direct instruction in the form of observing ongoing therapy sessions, review of concepts and role play activities with a CARD trainer 
c. Up to 15 Assisted Therapy sessions with a qualified CARD Trainer 
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d. Mentorship and goals will be established and monitored throughout the training process 
2. Ongoing Training 
a. Monthly / Quarterly trainings provided on a variety of topics related to treatment quality 
b. Monthly / Quarterly one on one coaching sessions – to include professional goal development, career and educational counseling, etc. 
c. Receive training needed to assist with training of new staff members 
d. Quarterly quality assurance overlaps with a Therapist Liaison or Supervisor 
e. Annual performance reviews 
f. Opportunities for advancement and additional CARD training programs (i.e. BCaBA level, BCBA level, etc.) 
 Represent CARD policy enthusiastically 
 Represent CARD professionally and ethically to internal and external stakeholders 
 Provide top-quality one on one therapy in home, school and clinic settings under the direction of the CARD supervisor 
 Set and meet performance goals for case quality and administrative duties 
 Successfully complete introductory and on-going trainings 
 Maintain accurate and timely records including timekeeping, data collection and reporting 
 Report to clinical supervisor on client progress and demonstrate lessons within team meetings or overlap sessions 
 Actively participate in regular staff meetings as well as client meetings 
 Assist in training new staff members 
 Maintain HIPAA compliance at all times, across all settings 
 Minimize cancellations 
 Maintain minimum billable requirements 
 Must be able to work with children who are seated on the floor, in small chairs, or other home, school and clinic environments 
 Frequently moves throughout the therapeutic setting to gather materials, anticipate and respond to the movement of a patient, and/or provide instruction in settings such as a school, playground, clinic or community location 
 Constantly positions self to anticipate and respond to the movements and behaviors of assigned patients. This may include and is not limited to bending to assist a child, kneeling / crouching to teach a play skill, hurrying to block an open doorway, or reaching to prevent a patient from entering a traffic congested street 
 Must be able to utilize continuous visual tracking order to monitor the movement of patients as well as the items and circumstances in the surrounding environment 
 Occasionally moves to evade aggressive behaviors and / or physically response block attempts to aggress towards others. Responding to behaviors may occasionally require baring the weight of a 
© CARD Inc. 2013 All Rights Reserved; International Copyright Secured 
patient who is leaning, pushing, etc. 
 Frequently teaches patients to use vocal speech. Must be able to articulate sounds, model speaking clearly, as well as listen and shape vocal communication from patients 
 Occasionally uses modeling to teach motor skills such as climbing, jumping, clapping, skipping, etc. 
 Must work in both indoor and outdoor settings as they relate to the patient’s natural environment, which may include being outdoors in a variety of weather changes (i.e. community skills, recess in a school setting, etc.) 
 May be required to lift up to 30 lbs. while assisting patients 
 Experience/interest in working with children 
 Must be 18 years of age 
 High School Diploma required 
 Availability to work a minimum of 10 - 15 hours per week 
 Must be willing to commit to one year of employment 
 Must have ability to provide own transportation with proof of auto insurance 
 Proficiency with Microsoft office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) 
 Must complete criminal background check prior to employment 
 Must provide proof of negative tuberculosis test prior to employment 
 Hourly rate commensurate with education and experience 
 Premium rates offered for applicable therapy sessions or programs 
 Travel time pay and mileage reimbursement 
 Access to corporate discount programs (including cell phone plans, travel discounts, etc.) 
 Annual performance reviews with potential for wage increases 
 Assistance in obtaining Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Certification (training, test administration, and competency assessment provided) 
 Opportunities to obtain Board Certified Autism Paraprofessional (BCAP) certification 
 Career-Specific Development Assistance, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) preparation programs 
 Discretionary bonuses awarded for obtaining additional certifications (BCaBA and BCBA) 
 Comprehensive paid training program 
 Opportunities for advancement 
 US & International travel opportunities 
 Company issued iPad for digital data collection and learning tools 
 Corporate incentive programs such as raffles / giveaways 
 For qualifying employees benefits include medical, dental, vision, life insurance, flexible spending program, and 401K

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