Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Close Up Foundation, Program Instructor, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 11179

Thu, December 3, 2015

BTT Gateway Job ID 11179

Program Instructors deliver our exciting programs in Washington, D.C. by teaching and leading diverse groups of students from schools nationwide through our structured civic-education curriculum. Program Instructors instill students with an understanding that a healthy democracy is absolutely dependent on an informed and engaged citizenry. Instructors teach lessons focusing on central questions of democracy such as the proper size and role of government, as well as workshops on controversial public policy issues. Instructors utilize the city of Washington, D.C. as their classroom and educate students using the many famous sites in our nation’s capital. Instructors also facilitate large group activities such as a mock Congress, accompany students to meetings with elected representatives on Capitol Hill, and constantly stimulate debate and civic dialogue. In addition to functioning as educators, Program Instructors help manage the total experience for students, many of whom are away from home for the first time. 

Program Instructors generally work a 55-hour week, and the job is not a "typical" nine to five. The hours you work on any given week will mirror the program schedule you’re working. For example, if you are working on our flagship High School or Middle School programs, the schedule will run Sunday afternoon through Thursday night. Most programs end Thursday and instructors usually have Friday and Saturday off. Work days start between 7:15-8:45am and end around 10:00pm depending on the program. 

The salary is $570.00 a week. All of the meals on program are provided. Program Instructors work a contract length of approximately 6 months. Some of the best Program Instructors are chosen to come back for another program season as returning or senior-level instructors. Others may apply to stay with Close Up and support the mission through different positions within the Foundation. 

(1) Must have a bachelor’s degree (preferably in political science, history, education, social science or related field); 
(2) be adept at working with diverse students in grades 6-12; 
(3) be capable of keeping up with the intensity of the Program (early morning to late evening), hopping on and off buses throughout the day, preparing and leading daily program components, and coordinating the movement of a large group of students on all program activities in the Washington, DC area and other Program locations.

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