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Cornerstone Research, Summer Analyst, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 11379

Sun, January 24, 2016

To apply for the Summer Analyst position, please apply via the following two channels: 
1. BTT Gateway 
2. Cornerstone Research: 

You must upload all of the following materials at BOTH sites in order for your application to be considered complete: 

1) Cover letter 
2) Résumé 
3) A copy of your unofficial transcript 


Application Deadline: January 24, 2016 @ 11:59 PM 

Cornerstone Research is a consulting firm specializing in the analysis of complex financial, economic, accounting, and marketing issues. In recent years, Cornerstone Research has become one of the nation’s leading finance and economics consulting firms with more than 500 full-time staff members across seven offices. 

We attribute our success to a unique combination of resources: a creative and energetic staff, cutting-edge research, and our network of academic and industry experts. Our consultants employ innovative problem solving approaches and achieve unparalleled analytic depth. 

Cornerstone Research has consulted on a wide variety of projects involving numerous industries. Our clients include major securities firms, top consulting and other professional service firms, leading pharmaceutical companies, major participants in energy markets, over one hundred Internet and other high-technology firms, and large telecommunications providers. These companies often have a large percentage of their net worth at stake when they seek our services. As such, our projects receive focused attention from chief executive officers and boards of directors of our clients. 

Our diverse experience allows us to provide clients with a unique breadth of perspective and expertise. For example, in securities projects we analyze stock prices, derivatives and debt instruments. We assess high-profile mergers and acquisitions, insider trading allegations and share repurchase transactions. In antitrust and intellectual property cases we look at industry structure, the nature of purchase decisions, and the commercial value of innovation and technology. The types of projects that Cornerstone Research works on, along with sample headlines, include: 

- Securities: Jury Rejects $20 Billion Claim in JDSU Trial 
- Antitrust: Federal Court Dismisses Suit Seeking to Block InBev’s Acquisition of Anheuser-Busch 
- Energy: Court Rejects Plaintiffs’ Claim of Predatory Injury from Below-Cost Sales 
- Intellectual Property: Jury Awards Siemens Medical $52 Million in Patent Dispute 
- Accounting: Shareholder Lawsuit Dismissed for Lack of Loss Causation 

To provide an introduction to the analyst position at Cornerstone Research, the summer analyst role closely mirrors that of the full-time position. Summer analysts work in case teams that range in size but typically include a faculty expert, senior consultants and analysts. Within a case team, the summer analyst makes important contributions during all phases of a project – from developing case strategy, to conducting analyses, to preparing experts for testimony. Case work has both quantitative and qualitative elements, involving such key responsibilities as conducting financial and economic modeling, examining market and industry behavior and presenting findings to colleagues and clients.  

Cornerstone Research believes that strong skills develop best through practical experience. We begin with a brief version of our full-time analyst training program to introduce the summer analyst to sophisticated analytical and statistical techniques used throughout our practice. Following training, summer analysts join case teams where they have immediate impact while continuing to learn new skills. Analysts gain tremendous learning and development opportunities by working closely with faculty, clients and senior consultants. 

Cornerstone Research values the professional growth of its summer analysts and recognizes their contributions to clients and the firm. Consequently, many summer analysts choose to join Cornerstone Research full-time upon graduation. The analytical depth of our assignments, the breadth of industry exposure and experience working in case teams offer outstanding preparation for analysts applying to top graduate programs in business, economics and law, and for ensuing careers in consulting, finance, industry, and academia. A number of our senior consultants started their careers as analysts with our firm. 

Our uniquely collegial and supportive atmosphere makes Cornerstone Research a great place to work. Cornerstone Research invests in its people in a number of ways including providing extensive training opportunities and organizing memorable social events. To many, our culture and our people are the most exciting and enriching aspects of a career at Cornerstone Research. 

Cornerstone Research values the professional growth of analysts and recognizes their contributions to clients and the firm. Consequently, the analyst role has evolved to a position typically involving a stay of three or more years. The analytical depth of our assignments, the breadth of industry exposure, and experience working in case teams offer outstanding preparation for analysts to go on to top MBA programs (for example, Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, and MIT), law schools (such as Columbia, Stanford, and Harvard), Ph.D. programs (Chicago and Harvard among others), and industry careers. Some analysts also choose to come back to Cornerstone Research after graduate school. 

To fill the limited number of Summer Analyst positions, Cornerstone Research seeks well-rounded, enthusiastic individuals who have demonstrated excellent academic performance. We encourage candidates with strong analytical backgrounds, computer skills, and interest in business and economics to apply. 

You may also visit our website,, for more information about the firm and the Summer Analyst position. 

This posting is for the following office locations: Los Angeles, CA.

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