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CPMG, Analyst, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 9055

Sun, September 7, 2014

CPMG, Inc. is a hedge fund management company based in Dallas, Texas. The firm employs a disciplined, research-intensive approach to fundamental investing. CPMG invests capital for its principals and for a select group of endowment and foundation partners. The firm’s assets under management are approximately $1.4 billion. CPMG’s investment team is made up of three partners and four analysts. 

CPMG is seeking to add an analyst to its investment team. The start date for a new analyst is flexible, and the position is a three year commitment. Compensation is competitive with considerable performance-based upside. 

Candidates should have graduated from college no earlier than 2011. CPMG encourages 2015 graduates to apply. 

At CPMG we strive to develop an analyst’s full potential as a well-rounded, multi-disciplined investor. While each project we undertake is unique (with respect to industry, key drivers, and type of investment security), the following bullet points provide a flavor for areas in which we would expect to provide in-depth training: 

• Detailed Financial Analysis: Income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement analysis. Integrated accounting analysis. Mastery of unit economics. Deep understanding of projection sensitivities. 
• Detailed Industry Analysis: Market definition. Identification of competitors, suppliers, customers, substitutes, collaborators, and new entrants – how do these parties impact a particular company? 
• Historical Analysis: How did a particular company get to where it is today? 
• Intense Primary Research: What are the key questions that arise from our financial and industry analysis? Who can we talk with to gain more insight into these questions? How can we piece together various analyses and primary research into a confident picture of a company’s prospects? Primary research includes fieldwork visiting subject companies, competitors, suppliers, and various stakeholders. 
• Valuation Analysis: Our view of intrinsic value. 
• Trading: Each project team at CPMG is responsible for trading its own positions. While trading is not a major focus for anyone at CPMG, analysts will learn to trade effectively. 
• Risk Reward: Analysts will develop an acute understanding of favorable risk reward situations. 
• Idea Generation: Beginning day one, analysts will have the opportunity to participate in CPMG’s new idea generation process. 

Each of our projects is a puzzle – analysts at CPMG are key players on project teams trying to put the puzzles together. In some cases, a project will require deep thinking and rigorous analysis. In others, a project will require creative problem solving and persistent effort. Analysts at CPMG wear multiple hats.
BTT Gateway Job ID 9055  

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