Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Department of Justice - Office of International Affairs, Volunteer Legal Intern, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 7442

Tue, October 1, 2013

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) solicits applications from energetic, organized, and detail-oriented first-year (second semester), second- and third-year law students (L), undergraduate students (UG), and graduate students (G) to fill intern/extern openings. Unpaid positions are available during academic semesters and summers. Many interns/externs receive academic credit for their experience.
OIA works with criminal prosecutors in the United States to secure the return of fugitives from abroad and to obtain from foreign countries evidence and other assistance (e.g. freezing of accounts and forfeiture of funds) needed in criminal investigations and prosecutions. OIA assists federal, state and local prosecutors and law enforcement agents pursuant to a network of bilateral and multilateral treaties and law enforcement agreements.

In turn, OIA assures that the United States meets its reciprocal obligations to foreign countries by responding to their requests for the extradition of fugitives and the production of evidence located in the United States. In addition to handling the thousands of international extradition and evidence gathering (mutual assistance) cases opened each year, OIA, with the Department of State, is responsible for the negotiation of law enforcement treaties, both bilateral and multilateral, needed to effect extradition and facilitate evidence gathering. When treaties come into force, OIA is responsible for working with treaty partners on an ongoing basis to assure the effective implementation of these important agreements.

Junior and Senior undergraduate students, graduate students and first-year (second semester only), second- and third-year law students are encouraged to apply. Undergraduates and graduate students with a strong writing background and an interest in international matters and criminal law may be particularly interested in these positions. Knowledge of a foreign language is desirable but not essential. United States citizenship is required. A background check and a drug test are part of the application process.

Student interns are utilized by OIA’s geographic and subject matter teams, as follows:
Team 1: United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, English-speaking Caribbean, Haiti (UG, G)
Team 2: Europe, French-speaking Caribbean (except Haiti)(UG, G, L)
Team 3: Mexico, Central America and Spanish-speaking Caribbean (UG, G, L)
Team 4: Asia, Middle East, Africa, Pacific Islands (UG, G, L)
Team 5: Canada (UG, G)
Team 6: South America (UG, G, L)
Policy and Multilateral Group (PMG) (UG, G, L)
Litigation and Legal Policy Group (LLP) (L only)

To apply, see BTT Gateway Job ID 7442. Final application deadline is 10/1/2013. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

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