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Illuminate Intelligence Engineer, BTT Gateway Job ID 6967

Sun, April 21, 2013

Illuminate Intelligence Engineer, BTT Gateway Job ID 6967

Illuminate is a startup dedicated to improving urban environments beginning with the heart of the city - public transportation. We better public transit in urban environments across the globe by implementing technologies to increase ridership, empowering agencies to provide for their communities in a more strategic manner, in order to simultaneously decrease traffic congestion and emissions within these cities. We push to deliver real-time transit information to communities in exchange for location-based anonymous data analyzed and understood by our team of data engineers to be used to work alongside agencies to improve their city. Illuminate implements a solution that provides and collects data that allows for cities to first understand their community, and then provide accordingly. We are paving the way to a smarter city.

Position Available: Intelligence Engineer

Position Description: We are recruiting for members of our intelligence team within Illuminate. This department consists of members who are willing to be idealistic and ambitious enough to believe they can use their expertise in mathematics to truly understand and solve the major problems associated with public transportation – developing intelligent solutions for major transit systems through an understanding of the behavioral data collected by Illuminate. The intelligence team is expected to be proficient in mathematics, creative, positive, and passionate about serving on a team of individuals collectively working towards changing the means by which cities operate across the world. Due to our startup status, we are looking for highly motivated, passionate individuals willing to be a valued mind as we grow our client portfolio.

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to Application deadline is 4/21/2013.

It is equally as important that you describe your passion and interest in being a part of this project as it is to describe your academic qualifications. The recruiting team will contact you if you are invited to the second round of interviews.

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