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Liberal Arts Career Services

Linguacation, Teachers of Linguistics and Less Commonly Taught Languages, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 7596

Wed, November 20, 2013

Linguacation is currently looking for college and university students and recent graduates who are interested in teaching Linguistics and Less Commonly Taught Languages online in a one-on-one setting. 


Linguacation is a new online service dedicated to providing a space in which learners can find a teacher of Linguistics or a Less Commonly Taught Language and take online lessons. Here, learners and teachers from different parts of the world are able to connect. 

At Linguacation, our focus is on providing quality teachers who specialize in Linguistics and languages not commonly taught in schools, colleges and universities, or for which it is difficult to find good learning resources and materials. We strive to promote the learning and teaching of Less Commonly Taught Languages, including those that are endangered or with a decreasing number of speakers. 


We are extending an invitation to current college and university students, as well as recent graduates, to join Linguacation as teachers. We know it is often difficult to gain the work experience required for future full-time employment. At Linguacation, we do not require any formal teaching experience. We only require proficiency in the language you wish to teach (you do not need to be a native speaker to work with us) or at least two years of coursework in Linguistics. As Linguacation grows, we plan on offering a resource area and discussion board where teachers of all experience levels can share lesson ideas and advice with each other. 

Whereas the list of languages we can potentially offer is endless, there are only five languages that we do not offer on Linguacation: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Our focus is on learners interested in less common languages and the teachers who are able to assist them. Any other language, regardless of how many or how few speakers of it there are in the world, can be taught and learned on our site. 

Work on Linguacation is on a freelance basis, and all teachers are independent contractors. Once you complete the application process, we will add your profile to our site, and potential learners will be able to learn more about you before they commit to a lesson. Especially since we are a new service, we cannot guarantee a specific number of hours or students for our teachers at this time. As Linguacation grows, we expect to have more visitors to our site and more opportunities to teach. 

At Linguacation, teachers set their own rates. We encourage all teachers to base their rates on several factors, including their cost of living and time spent on preparing lesson plans. The only money we ever collect from you is a 15% service fee for each lesson you teach. There are never any registration or subscription fees necessary to work with us. 


Ideally, teachers on Linguacation will have: 
 A strong desire to teach and a passion for their subject and/or language. 
 If teaching Linguistics, at least two (2) years of Linguistics courses at the college or university level, or a University degree. 
 If teaching a language, a strong knowledge of that language’s grammar, usage, vocabulary and pronunciation. However, the teacher does not have to be a native speaker. 
 A stable Internet connection, webcam, microphone, and speakers (or a headset).

Application Deadline 11/20. See BTT Gateway Job ID 7596

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