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Liberal Arts Career Services

McGraw Hill Financial, Research Assistant, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 10384

Fri, May 29, 2015

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The Role: 
As a research assistant, you will work in conjunction with, and in support of, senior analysts in preparing all aspects of credit ratings for local governments. This includes research of demographic information, compiling financial data, analyzing debt statements, and providing recommendations to the senior analysts of major credit factors to consider. Your role may evolve into acting as the primary analyst on credit ratings, which would include interacting with municipalities, writing credit rating reports, and lead rating presentations to senior analysts. 

The Impact: 
Your position as Research Assistant is critical to the process of providing a credit rating, as you will provide the first look and analysis of a municipality’s economic and financial health, and have the opportunity to identify the major strengths and weaknesses of a municipality. Your research and support is essential to the senior analysts who are completing the rating, and in many cases, ratings cannot be released without a detailed review by a Research Assistant to ensure accuracy. 

The Career Opportunity: 
Incredible growth opportunities exist even within the Research Assistant position; if as a Research Assistant you show strong understanding of the rating criteria and analytic aptitude, you may be assigned to do the primary work on a credit rating, as opposed to the support work. A clear career path exists for moving up within the organization, which many Research Assistants have successfully used, by excelling in their work and showing an aptitude for completing primary analysis. We strongly believe that each analyst should be utilized at his or her highest and best use, which means that even at a lower title level, your responsibility has room to grow and is only limited by your own ability. 

The Team / The Business 
The local government team has a strong collegial environment and friendly atmosphere; as a new analyst, you would be regularly assigned to work with senior analysts to improve your knowledge and understanding, and we would expect you to frequently ask questions of senior analysts, who are happy to oblige. Our office is fairly young; the median age is about 30. A lot of the work is completed independently, but every rating involves a team of analysts, so teamwork is super important! The pace is fairly rapid, since a rating from start to finish takes about two weeks, and at any time any analyst is probably juggling about ten ratings; so if the thought of working on one report by yourself for months sounds boring to you, you’d like this environment. While we have high expectations for the quality of work, in general the work environment is fairly flexible, with many analysts regularly telecommuting. 

Our Hiring Manager says: 
I’m looking for the kind of person who is eager to learn and can pick up new concepts quickly, isn’t afraid to investigate by digging into documents and crunching numbers, and will enjoy interacting with other analysts as well as our municipal clients. You’ll love this job because it involves evaluating the public sector without all the political messiness; we get to focus on the facts and state our opinion about what direction we think a municipality is headed. If you care about the quality of schools but don’t want to be a teacher, or love the idea of managing a city but can’t stomach the thought of an election, this is a great position for you; it’s a best combination of private and public sector! 

Your Skills: 

Bachelor’s degree 
Must have strong verbal communication and writing skills 
Must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills 
Excellent time management and ability to organize, meet deadlines, and multitask; 
Must have the ability to think independently and critically 
Must have a basic understanding of databases and very strong Microsoft Excel skills, including experience with visual basic/building macros, nested functions and pivot tables. 

About Standard & Poor's Ratings Services and McGraw Hill Financial 

Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services is a leading provider of global credit benchmarks and research that investors, businesses, and markets use to foster economic development and growth around the world. S&P Ratings has revenues of $1.7 billion and employed more than 1,300 analysts in 23 offices around the world. 

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McGraw Hill Financial includes Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services, S&P Capital IQ, S&P Dow Jones Indices, J.D. Power, Platts, and McGraw Hill Construction. Together, we’re the foremost providers of essential intelligence for the capital and commodities markets. 

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