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Mu Sigma Inc, Analyst, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 9040

Fri, October 10, 2014


Job Description 
Designation: Analyst 
Location: US 

Role & responsibilities: 

The one phrase you will hear at Mu Sigma above all others is "learning over knowing." We expect 
everyone in the company, from our CEO to our new analysts, to have the willingness to learn. This is not 
simple rote memorization. New concepts and ideas will be thrown at you, anything and everything from 
the chemical backings of pharmaceutical drugs to the vast global supply chains of leading retailers. We 
aren’t simply a data analytics firm; we’re a decision sciences firm. We help firms make good decisions, 
and to do that, we know them better than they know themselves. 
So, if you’re interested.


Here is what we’re looking for: 

 A critical viewpoint: We want someone who asks questions, someone who asks why something 
is the way it is. We value contrarian thinking. 
 An ability to build relationships: This is consulting, and this is a client facing role. The clients have 
to like you, and more so, they have to like you even when you tell them they’re wrong. 
 A quantitative mindset: , you have to know how to work with numbers and more importantly, to 
tell a good story with numbers 
And here is what you’d actually be doing: 
 Work with clients to understand their business challenges and how to solve them. 
 Work with your onsite team, and offsite team -based in India, to solve these problems using the 
analytical framework that we teach you. 
 Present the results of your work to senior management, and give insightful recommendations 
that have tangible business impacts. 
 Build relationships with clients to better understand their business, and to enable them to 
better understand how to use analytics to drive their business. 
Finally, here’s what you’ll gain from the experience: 
Mu Sigma Confidential JD-Version 001 (August 2014) 
 A strong background in analytics. You’ll learn how to think analytically, and how to quantify and solve any business problem that is thrown at you. 
 Working with global teams. In an already flat world, working with teams spread around the world is towards a common purpose is key to creating value. 
 Real, substantial experience. The work you will get will be important, and will be critical to our engagements. You’ll routinely talk to and present to business stakeholders. 
 A head-start. Big Data Analytics as an industry is exploding and as the world’s largest pure-play Big Data and Decision Sciences company in this space, we’re at the forefront of it.


BTT Gateway Job ID 9040 

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