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Mu Sigma Inc., Junior Associate, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 11159

Thu, November 26, 2015

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Job Description 

Junior Associate, Client Services 
Multiple locations across the United States, Europe, and Asia 

Mu Sigma is a category-defining decision sciences and big data analytics company, helping enterprises systematize better data-driven decision making. The company’s interdisciplinary approach and integrated ecosystem of platform, processes and people are redefining how companies approach problem solving in areas of marketing, risk and supply chain. With more than 3,500 decision scientists working across 10 industries, Mu Sigma is consistently validated as the preferred decision sciences and analytics partner for 140 of the Fortune 500. 

What You’ll Do 
Our client work will throw a variety of challenges at you, ranging from analyzing the chemical backings of pharmaceutical drugs, to optimizing the global supply chains of consumer product companies, to helping banks turn fraud detection into improved consumer experiences. 
You will be assigned to a client location and work as a member of a globally distributed Mu Sigma team, one that bridges the client location and our India center. You will be asked to: 
• Engage clients to understand their business challenges and brainstorm how to solve them. 
• Solve data-intensive problems using Mu Sigma analytical frameworks and tools. 
• Present the results of your work to senior client management, offering actionable insights and recommendations that lead to measurable business impact. 
• Build relationships with clients, helping them improve their consumption of analytics to drive their business operations and decision-making forward. 
Other analytics firms will operate on a project-to-project basis. We’re different. We operate problem-to-problem, helping our clients make better decisions in a world of muddy, inter-connected business issues. But in parallel, we help those same clients adopt a fundamentally new approach to decision making – a new art of problem solving. As a team member, you will be part of that client transformation. 

What You’ll Bring To The Table 
At Mu Sigma you’ll hear the phrase "Learning over Knowing." It’s one of our guiding principles, and we expect every Mu Sigma associate to demonstrate a passion for learning. Here are some other characteristics that we look for: 
• A quantitative mindset. You don’t have to be a Statistics major, but you should be comfortable in working with numbers. 
• A critical eye. We want someone who asks questions, always probing for "Why?" or "So what?" We value contrarian thinking. 
• Interpersonal skills. The work involves consulting and client interaction. Clients have to like and respect you, even when you tell them they’re wrong. 
Another of our guiding principles is to place a premium on interdisciplinary perspectives in how we approach our work and who we hire. To that end, we hire across all disciplines: Bachelors or Masters in Arts / Science / Business as long as you’re graduating December 2015 - May 2016. 

What You’ll Gain From The Experience 
• Autonomy. We’ll encourage you to be an entrepreneur, pioneer, and problem solver with irreverence toward the status quo. You’ll participate in experiential learning environments, helping top global brands solve tough problems. 
• Mastery. We’ll invest in building your interdisciplinary skills in the white hot field of analytics and decision sciences. Engaging with and rotating across our cross-industry client base will broaden your perspectives even more. 
• Purpose. We’ll help you participate in something bigger than just you. That purpose being to create a new art of problem solving in our clients. 
As with life, we’re filled with paradoxes. Our vibe is methodical, yet vibrant. We’re irreverent, yet humble. And we’re geeky, yet cool. (In fact, we think geeky is cool.)  

The Journey Begins In India – The Columbus Program 
In the 15th century, Columbus set out for India seeking a key economic gateway in the spice trade. Fast forward to the 21st century, and you’ll find that India is much more than a gateway. The country has transformed into a rich source of talent, ideas, and innovation, and it’s our hub for innovation, scale, and automation. 
So we established the Columbus Program as part of Mu Sigma University, bringing new hires to Bangalore for their first 4-6 months with the company. The curriculum combines immersive, workshop-based learning with on-the-job mentoring, and both educates new associates and inculcates them in the ways of Mu Sigma. Upon completion of the program, you will be deployed back to a client location. And don’t worry, we pick up the tab. 

Bachelors / Masters in Arts / Science / Business 
graduating through December 2015 to May 2016

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