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Liberal Arts Career Services

MuSigma, Junior Associate, Application Deadline for On-Campus Interview, BTT Schedule ID 543

Fri, April 17, 2015

Explore this position and apply via your BTT Gateway account, Schedule ID 543. Expires 4/14 for oc-capmus interviews. 

Mu Sigma Confidential JD-Version 001 (August 2014) 
We are a Decision Sciences and Big Data Analytics company, helping large enterprises take a 
fundamentally new approach to data-driven decision making, one designed to match the incredible pace of 
change in business. We call it a new art of problem-solving, and it’s built on the principles of learning over 
knowing, extreme experimentation, and an interdisciplinary model for solving business problems. The Mu 
Sigma team of more than 3,500 Decision Scientists currently serves 140 of the Fortune 500 as clients. 
Job Description 
Designation: Junior Associate 
Location: US 
At Mu Sigma you’ll often hear the phrase "Learning over Knowing." It’s one of our guiding 
principles, and as such, we expect every Mu Sigman to demonstrate passion for learning. Our 
work will throw a variety of concepts at you, ranging from the chemical backings of pharmaceutical 
drugs to the vast global supply chains of leading retailers. We help firms improve their decision 
making, and to do that, we must know them better than they know themselves. We aren’t just an 
analytics firm; we’re a Decision Sciences firm. 
To succeed at Mu Sigma, you should bring to the table: 
 A quantitative mindset: You don’t have to be a Statistics major, but you do have to know 
how to work with numbers. 
 A critical eye: We want someone who asks questions, always probing for "Why?" or "So 
what?" We value contrarian thinking. 
 Interpersonal skills: The work involves consulting and client interaction. Clients have to 
like and respect you, even when you tell them they’re wrong. 
What you’ll do: 
 Engage clients to understand their business challenges and how to solve them. 
 Work alongside a global delivery team that spans client locations and our India center, 
solving data-intensive problems with the analytical frameworks and tools that we provide 
 Present the results of your work to senior management, offering insightful 
recommendations that lead to tangible business impact. 
 Build relationships with clients, helping them improve their use of analytics to drive their 
business operations forward. 

What you’ll gain from the experience: 
 A strong foundation in analytics. You’ll learn how to think analytically, and how to quantify and solve a variety of business problems thrown at you. 
 Meaningful experience. You’ll work on issues directly relevant to the needs of senior clients, with whom you’ll frequently engage. You’ll also see your work translate into actions. 
 A head-start. Big Data analytics is an exploding industry. We’re at its forefront. 
Our Training Investment in You: 
The Mu Sigma experience begins at Mu Sigma University (MSU) – an intensive training program in our Bangalore, India facility that prepares you for a successful career as a Decision Scientist. At MSU, you’ll participate in a curriculum that draws from disciplines of Math, Business, Technology, Design-Thinking, and Behavioral Science – the multi-disciplinary skills that make a Mu Sigman. 
After this initial training, we’ll assign you to a client in a city such as Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, or any of the large commercial hubs in the United States. 
Education Requirements: 
BBA / BA / BS (we hire across all disciplines): December 2014 to December 2015 graduates. 

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