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National Security Agency (NSA), Intelligence Analyst, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 8678

Thu, July 24, 2014

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Intelligence Analysts - ENTRY LEVEL

NSA Intelligence Analysts seek creative solutions to answer analytic questions ... solve difficult technical problems ... work independently and collaborate effectively in analysis and research ... apply new techniques to solve analytic problems ... demonstrate a thorough understanding of the communications environment and technology trends of their targets ... prepare written and oral assessments of foreign intelligence that provide unique insight into target intentions unavailable from other intelligence disciplines.

Applicants with 5 years or less of Intelligence Analysis cryptologic experience will be hired into the Intelligence Analysis Development Program (IADP). The program, which lasts up to three years, is designed to help analysts achieve "Full Performance" level in accordance with the Intelligence Analysis Professional Development Standards (IAPDS). The program includes 4-6 operational tours designed to build identified IA competencies through a variety of IA work experiences, interspersed with formal classroom and computer-based training. The on-the-job experience provided in operational tours is primarily focused on the two main SIGINT disciplines of intelligence analysis - SIGINT reporting and SIGINT development. . Qualifications Highly competitive. Applicants should have strong academic background and excellent communication, writing, critical thinking, analytic, and advanced research skills are essential. Demonstrated interest and knowledge of world/current affairs is required, as well as a familiarity with quantitative analysis techniques and previous exposure to data analysis.

Entry level applicants normally have 5 years or less of Intelligence Analysis cryptologic (SIGINT) experience or are college graduates possessing a bachelor degree or higher. Ideally, the applicant's academic background or former cryptologic experience should focus on a topical or technology area, or on particular region of the world. . Qualifications/Experience An ideal candidate would possess:

* Bachelors or Master's degree in areas such as:
Int'l Relations, Int'l Studies, Int'l Security, Int'l Affairs, Global Studies, Security & Intelligence Studies, Political Science, Regional Studies (such as Southwest Asia, Middle East, China, Korea, etc), Geospatial/Geography, Topical studies (such as counter-proliferation, counterterrorism, international crime, etc), Finance/International Economics, or Chemistry/Biology.

* Coursework, knowledge or previous experience in the following areas is highly desirable: quantitative analysis, statistical analysis, data modeling, comparative analysis, data mining, data science, social networking analysis, computational data analysis, cyber security, computer forensics, computer science, computer networks, telecommunications, and/or critical languages. Relevant internships, extracurricular activities, and/or foreign study are also considered.

* Desired overall GPA 3.0+ (Transcripts are reviewed for relevant coursework and grades).

* Prior military without a degree but with intelligence analysis cryptologic experience will be considered. .

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