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Software Advice Managing Editor Position, BTT Gateway Job ID 7091

Wed, June 19, 2013

Software Advice Managing Editor Position, BTT Gateway Job ID 7091

We'll give you autonomy and ownership of one of our target software markets, you'll build a brand for yourself and Software Advice. 

We're looking for someone who: 
- Writes really well. Seems like a no-brainer, but we're looking for the best and brightest in this role. Journalism experience is great, but not required. 
- Is crazy organized and efficient. You can juggle multiple editorial projects and manage a small team without breaking a sweat. 
- Is tech and web savvy. You don't need to know Java, but you should know how to efficiently search the web and feel comfortable around HTML. 

What you'll do all day: 
- Market research. You probably won't be an expert in your assigned software market(s) on day one, but we expect domain expertise in your first year. 
- Generate quality content. You'll create two to three articles, infographics, surveys and/or videos each month. 
- Recruit even more content. You'll work with our Contributed Content Editor to find and manage outside contributors and contract writers. 
- Manage a small team. Once you get the hang of it, you'll get to work with content promoters, assistant editors and contract writers to build a team. 

You'll be measured on how well you: 
- Drive traffic. You'll plan and execute several content marketing campaigns each month. They could be articles, infographics, surveys, even videos. 
- Maintain an editorial calendar. You'll come up with creative content ideas and make sure they're published on time. 
- Build a business plan. You'll develop a strategy for your market, identify segments to target, and manage content marketing campaigns. 

And a few reasons why you might hate it: 
- You're not interested in tech. Writing about software and business is a bit drier than, say, writing about food, fashion or the NFL. 
- Constructive criticism destroys you. We strive for top-quality content, and sometimes we have to rip it apart before we can rebuild it Bionic-Man style. 
- Metrics make you sweaty. We measure everything here. No kidding. If that kind of environment stresses you out, you might be happier somewhere else.

To apply, visit Job Board. Application deadline is 6/19/2013.

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