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Teach For Pakistan, Fellow, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 5689

Sat, March 15, 2014

The Teach For Pakistan Fellowship is a full-time, paid position that will allow participants to develop leadership and professional skills that are highly transferable from teaching to other fields including public policy, business, management and journalism. This experience is compatible with the pursuit of a very broad range of personal and professional goals, and can increase participants’ ability to make an impact in the long run. Throughout the two years, Fellows will be provided on-going teaching support as well as various networking and mentoring opportunities for professional and career development.

Teaching as Leadership
At Teach For Pakistan, we believe that excellent teaching is a practice in excellent leadership. Truly transformative teachers – whose students make remarkable gains in academic and non-academic learning – employ the same tactics as leaders in any field. As a result, the entire Teach For Pakistan experience is developed around the Teaching As Leadership framework that sets out a clear roadmap for Fellows to implement in their classroom and school environments

Training & Support
All Fellows accepted into the Teach For Pakistan program attend a rigorous six-week summer training institute to prepare them for the challenges they will face in the classrooms and to ensure that they grow into highly competent and effective teachers.

The training will have both theoretical and practical components. Teach For Pakistan will gather a faculty panel to design the curriculum and deliver the training. The panel will consist of teachers, educators and trainers from partner organizations, each of whom will be responsible for training component areas they have expertise in.

Teach For Pakistan will provide its Fellows with on-going support to help them overcome challenges they face in the classroom. They will attend in-service training programs tailored to meet needs identified by them and faculty at participating schools. They will also be required to work closely with other teachers to ensure the knowledge and experience is shared. Teach For Pakistan will assign staff members to support Fellows through their two year teaching tenure.

Teach For Pakistan will offer professional mentoring and networking opportunities to Fellows for career guidance and transitioning into various fields of interest, including business, policy, media, the arts, and education itself.

Our Fellows will go above and beyond traditional expectations to help their students achieve their full potential. They set ambitious goals, invest in others, and work relentlessly to give their students the education they deserve. We support our Fellows through this challenging experience by providing a vast network of people who are dedicated to ensuring their success and safety.

By committing two years to teaching in an under-resourced school you have a unique opportunity to directly impact the lives of underprivileged children.
As alumni of the program you will be at the forefront of a dynamic movement advocating for educational reform and thus play a vital role in nation building.
Meaningful professional experience is often difficult to gain, particularly in the first job after graduation. The Teach For Pakistan experience will give you the chance to develop critical leadership and problem-solving skills. These skills gained through teaching, transfer to any field.
Through our Teach for All network connections with universities in the USA and UK, Teach For Pakistan opens doors for long-term professional advancement
Fellows receive competitive financial compensation.

Who We Look For
Teach For Pakistan seeks young professionals and recent graduates from all disciplines who are motivated to succeed and have a desire to make a difference by working towards educational reform in Pakistan.

We seek applicants who have demonstrated leadership by achieving ambitious and measurable results in academic, professional, co-curricular, and/or volunteer settings.

-All coursework for your degree must be successfully completed by May/June of the application year
-All applicants must be Pakistani citizens or foreign nationals of Pakistani origin
-All applicants must be willing to make a two year commitment to teaching in an under-resourced school. Fellows will be full time staff members of the schools in which they are placed
-All applicants must be fluent in both English and Urdu

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BTT Gateway Job ID 5689


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