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Liberal Arts Career Services

UT Campus Environmental Center, Green Greeks, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 8243

Fri, April 4, 2014

Green Greeks is a part of the UT Campus Environmental Center, the largest student organization dedicated to sustainability on campus. The goals of Green Greeks are to establish a permanent and self-sustaining recycling system in UT Greek houses, to educate the importance of environmental living, and to foster sustainable behavior change in the Greek community. To achieve these goals, a coordinator position has been created so that one sorority and/or one fraternity UT student can focus on guiding UT Greek life towards a more sustainable future. Due to the size of Greek life at UT (encompassing more than 10% of the student population), we believe that the Greek community can grow to serve as a leader in sustainability at UT. 
This "Green Greek coordinator" will be charged with the following list of responsibilities:
∙ Contacting fraternities and sororities to coordinate recycling efforts at events as well as initiating in-house, long¬ term recycling
∙ Talking with the executive board of fraternities and sororities who don’t yet have an in ¬house recycling system and negotiating a way to instill recycling dumpsters or curbside pickup at their respective houses
∙ Along with the president of each fraternity/sorority, determine most convenient, cost¬ effective and sustainable way to initiate in house recycling
∙ Encouraging chapters to create an Environmental Manager position to oversee recycling efforts and other environmental initiatives within their organization
∙ Organizing contests to encourage recycling efforts and distributing prizes to winners (such as reusable water bottles)
∙ Attending orientation and rush events to educate new students, especially those participating in rush about our efforts and our role in Greek life and what positions are available to new volunteers
∙ Organizing and training volunteers to help at large events
∙ Educating fraternities and sororities during their chapter meetings and events about ways to make their houses and events more sustainable
∙ Managing press and publicity for Green Greeks (work with CEC Outreach Coordinator and Graphic Designer)
∙ Writing a detailed report over the year explaining the program’s initiatives, efforts, and successes 
increase student awareness of Green Greeks
● Conducting periodic check¬ups of fraternities and sororities who are associate with Green Greeks 
∙ Being an active Campus Environmental Center member by attending weekly Wednesday night meetings
∙ Updating Outreach Coordinator on upcoming events/news for Campus Environmental Center weekly newsletters
The coordinator will work around 10 hours/week for the fall and spring semester in order to achieve these tasks.

Applicants must be a member of a Greek organization at UT Austin.
 BTT Gateway Job ID 8243  


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