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Workers Defense Project, Lead Worksite Monitor, Application Deadline, BTT Gateway Job ID 9944

Fri, April 3, 2015

Explore this position and learn how to apply via your BTT Gateway account, 9944  


The Lead Worksite Monitor is an essential component of WDP’s efforts to challenge deadly and unlawful conditions in the construction industry through the Better Builder Program. The Lead Worksite Monitor will monitor construction sites for compliance with Better Builder standards and Davis Bacon and Related Acts standards. The Lead Worksite Monitor will communicate regularly with both workers and contractors to ensure that all stakeholders understand and abide by relevant wage and hour law, labor law, occupational health and safety law, as well as the requirements of the Better Builder Program.  

When irregularities are identified on a worksite, the Lead Worksite Monitor will work closely with workers, contractors, and other stakeholders to investigate and correct the identified issues. The Lead Worksite Monitor will collaborate with the Research and Policy Program and Better Builder Program to ensure that WDP’s monitoring program supports WDP’s campaign work and advances the broader mission of WDP. The Lead Worksite Monitor will conduct outreach with diverse allies and promote the leadership development and engagement of WDP members in the organization’s strategic campaigns.  

The Lead Worksite Monitor is a full-time, salaried, FLSA-exempt position. 


 Outreach to industry leaders, local policymakers, and other community stakeholders to encourage increased participation in and support of the Better Builder Program; 

 Work with legal counsel to negotiate and implement codes of conduct between WDP and commercial real estate developers; 

 Collaborate with certified developers to ensure adherence to Better Builder standards; 

 Raise awareness about issues impacting the Texas construction workforce by coordinating with local, statewide, and national media, community, faith and labor organizations, industry representatives, and local and statewide policymakers; 

 Coordinate with WDP leadership and organizing staff to design and manage strategic campaigns to improve working conditions within the commercial construction industry; 

 Plan and execute press conferences and other public actions as part of strategic campaigns; 

 Collaborate with WDP organizing staff to educate construction workers about the Better Builder program and involve construction workers in WDP campaigns and political advocacy; and

 Coordinate with and supervise other program staff. 


 Commitment to social justice, furthering workers’ rights; 

 Mission-driven and passionate about WDP’s organizing model; 

 OSHA-30 certified, or willingness to receive OSHA-30 certification; 

 Written and spoken fluency in English and Spanish; 

 Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Word, internet; 

 Ability to work independently and juggle multiple responsibilities; 

 Excellent time management, organization, administrative skills; 

 Close attention to detail; 

 Must own an insured vehicle and be willing to occasionally travel statewide; 

 Ability to communicate effectively with diverse populations (immigrant construction workers, contractors, representatives of government agencies, community stakeholders, etc.); 

 Ability to publicly and professionally represent WDP; 

 Dependable and efficient employee, willing to put in extra time and effort to meet urgent deadlines; 

 Ability to work irregular hours, including nights and weekends; 

 One to two years of community organizing experience (Preferred). 


 Competitive Salary; 

 Full employer-covered health insurance; 

 Paid vacation and sick leave; 

 Maternity/paternity leave; 

 403b Retirement Plan for qualified employees.

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