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Purpose of LA Internship Courses

These undergraduate courses are designed as a complement to the internship experience, providing an academic framework, learning objectives, career research and an opportunity for personal and professional reflective thought. You will integrate knowledge derived from your academic studies with the experiences gained from real-world work settings and professional development. This class will support these work experiences by fostering analytical, interpersonal, and communications skills.

Student Eligibility

The Liberal Arts internship courses are open to all College of Liberal Arts students, regardless of major, who meet the following requirements:

  • You have a 2.25 or higher GPA
  • You have at least sophomore status (30+ hours) by the start of the course
  • You are registered with BTT Gateway
  • You are in good academic standing at UT Austin
  • If you have taken any of the LA internship courses in a previous semester, you earned a passing grade in each course (you have never failed an LA internship course)

Student Agreement: As a Liberal Arts internship course student, you are required to adhere to all personnel rules, regulations, and other standard requirements of the host organization and to complete the internship as agreed, meeting the required hours, start and end date and all assignment deadlines.

Internship Eligibility

Internship eligibility is reviewed on a case by case basis; however, following are general requirements. The internship must (1) provide direct and daily supervision and guidance; (2) provide regular access to the supervisor; (3) assign meaningful projects; and (4) provide a professional, established working environment with a strong learning component (home-office sites and virtual/work from home or "in the field" internships are not eligible for the course).

Additional Requirement for LA 110wb Fall & Spring Only: The internship site must require that you earn academic credit to participate in the internship.

Paid/Unpaid Internships: The internship may be paid or unpaid, both are acceptable. Should your internship be paid? Check out our employer's internship page for details about paid -vs- unpaid internships.

Select A Course

To view course details, requirements and to download course application packets please select from the following two options:

  • LA 320wb
  • LA 110wb
  • UEX Internship Course: Online course for non-UT Liberal Arts students or for UT Liberal Arts students who want to save on flat-rate tuition (especially in the summer).

Internship Search Assistance

Liberal Arts Students: LACS provides a number of resources and programs designed to help you succeed in your internship search. Visit our Appointments page to learn how to make an internship coaching appointment.

Non-UT Austin Liberal Arts Internship Credit

UEX offers internship credit for any university/college student or non-UT Liberal Arts student meeting course requirements. Read more about UEX and register here.

Why Should You Take the Course?

Spring 2013: This internship course is a must for every COLA student.  I recommend that every COLA student take at least one internship throughout their college career.  This course encourages one to think about their future goals, jobs, etc.  The assignments from this course help one reflect on their decisions and their abilities.  Furthermore, this class has helped me improve my communication skills- both verbal and written. 

Spring 2013: I think the assignments were great. At first I was not overly excited about having to make journal entries as I have never been able to keep up with one, but the topics made me think about my experiences more deeply than I might have otherwise. The course encouraged me to qualify my experiences and see what I was really getting out of it. The combination of the various assignments and my supervisor's prodding to spend time developing my resume helped me to figure out how to sell myself to future employers.

Spring 2013: The assignments of this class were useful in helping me reflect on my opinions and experiences with my internship. This class helped me realize that there are a number of work experiences out there, and that my experience is very different than that of others. Without taking this class, I may not have reached some of the conclusions that I did. It helped me view things from an outside perspective rather than only my first person experience. I gained valuable insights on resume editing, and have much more material ready to say in job interviews.

Spring 2013: This course required me to take time to stop and think about the work, about what I was doing, and about how my work was affecting the way I thought.  I think that this course has been of real, lasting value - I would have never considered some of the questions raised.  The course also supported my ability to complete assignments at work.  The projects requiring me to research a particular topic, for example, gave me valuable insight that was of beneficial use later in the semester.

Spring 2013: I really enjoyed this internship course. The curriculum was fantastic, the interface is fast and easy, and the instructor was terrific. Not only was he extremely encouraging, but he also provided invaluable insight into my writing and experience which I had completely overlooked. He knows how to read my journal, and tell me exactly what important lessons I learned or experiences I gained in that day or week of work. Truly, my favorite part of the course, was that it allowed me to reflect on my day-to-day hustle and bustle, which gave me time to truly appreciate the experience that I was getting at my office.

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