Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Fall 2012 Site Review

Position: Technology Department Intern
Student: Economics Senior

I interned at 360factors, an in-house subsidiary of I worked with a team of interns and was under direct supervision of the Chief Technology Officer. However, I had a lot of interaction with the rest of the company and had the opportunity to learn more about the company’s culture.

The atmosphere in the office, which holds more than a 100 employees, was very relaxed and community-oriented. The offices were mainly spacious cubicles in a large space, with some traditional offices and conference rooms on the edges. The departments were clearly segmented, but worked hand-in-hand, due to the open and transparent communication encouraged by top management and well as the close proximity of office space.

My responsibilities were closely tied to web development, and migration of data to the online server. For both duties, the CTO would give us information pertinent to the tasks at hand, and the progress we had to make in them. However, we were left relatively unsupervised after that, something that was irksome in the start but turned out to be a blessing in disguise later. I learned a lot about the various projects I was working on, and went had multiple times when trial and error taught me more than any one more experienced could tell me.

Overall, the experience taught me a lot about working on my own, and how much you grow as a professional and develop your skillset when you start your first job. I recommend working at this site for anyone who wants to have a position with autonomy, structured supervision as well as a great atmosphere.

Summer 2011 Site Review

Position: Legal Intern
Student: Philosophy Junior

I did a corporate legal internship with a very unique company located in Austin.  The company is called and is an international online corporation that creates classes for different needs.  Some of these classes include real estate, alcohol handling, high school courses and college courses.  While the sales and creative teams are mainly located in Austin, the technical branches are located in the Philippines and Pakistan.  In my job I dealt with contracts from all over the world.   I had to deal with a wide variety of legal issues; things as diverse as online training agreements, stock options, joint venture capitalism, wrongful termination issues and nondisclosure agreements.  This internship gave me valuable experience in numerous ways.

The company was laid back yet effective.  Everyone seemed to work hard, but the community was open and talkative.  The building that I worked in was open and refreshing.  Employees are allowed to work in their own way, and are encouraged to be free-thinking.  Walking around the office is like walking around a collage.  People are dressed in everything from high-end business suits to flip flops and a t-shirt.  The atmosphere created is one of acceptance and excitement.

Working for a corporation so diverse, equipped me with many new skills that will be valuable to me at some point in the future even if I choose to be something other than a corporate lawyer.  This internship had its ups and downs, but the knowledge that I gained through working at was so diverse that it is bound to help me in some way.  Now that I have gone through this internship I have a footing in the corporate, technical and legal worlds.  This was a life experience in itself that is certain to be very useful.  I am very glad that I chose to do an internship, and especially grateful that I did it through

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