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Liberal Arts Career Services

ABC On Campus

Fall 2008 Site Review

Student:  Spanish & Broadcast Journalism Senior
Position:  Bureau Chief

I am the Bureau Chief for ABC News on Campus. ABC News on Campus is a program that was started this year by the ABC News Network and five selected schools around the nation. These schools are University of Texas, Arizona State University, University of Florida, Syracuse, and North Carolina at Chapel Hill. These five schools serve as news bureaus for the ABC network by producing multi-media news stories.

Most of the content is aired on the On Campus website (, and some of our work has aired on World News Now, ABC News Now, and a number of other ABC outlets. As the Bureau Chief, I manage the UT bureau by overseeing a staff of three other student journalists and serving as a liaison between the UT student body and the network. If you can imagine, my days are busy trying to be a student and working as a news reporter and manager. First, I am required to be on conference call every morning (Monday-Friday) at 9:15 am. The conference calls last approximately 30 minutes, and the bureau chiefs from the five schools, along with a number of ABC producers and news managers are on the call. We are required to pitch at least one story idea on the call every morning. After the pitch, ABC will give us the “green light” to produce the story if they like the idea. When the call is over, I figure out which staffer is going to work on this story. Will it be a text piece, a graphic, a package, or a slide show? As the bureau chief, I must keep all of the stories we are working on organized.

Not only do I have to work on my own stories, but I must make sure all four of us are doing what needs to be done. During the day, I attend classes for school, and when I have time, either in between classes, or after classes, I work on stories. I am a broadcast journalist, so I must set up interviews, shoot video, write scripts, and edit. Usually we produce two packages a week and two text stories a week as a bureau. (Some weeks we produce more, some weeks we produce less). Because I am always working on different stories, and the timing changes for each one, I don’t have a set time schedule. I usually leave school around 7:00 or 8:00pm. Once home, I try to squeeze in time to do homework or relax. I have had to learn how to manage every second of my day working for ABC, but I love what I do and I enjoy my job…. which makes it worth the extra time and effort.

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