Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Fall 2011

Position: Finance Department Intern
Student: Economics Senior

During the Fall semester of 2011, I had the pleasure of interning at ACTIVELife Inc.  This organization is a non-profit, which hosts events in the community to create awareness of the dangers of childhood obesity.  They also host several events throughout the year that teach children about the importance of being active, and involve physical activity in the pursuit of eliminating childhood obesity. 

I served as a Finance Intern in the Finance Department and worked between 10-15 hours a week, working on several projects simultaneously.  I usually worked on Monday and Wednesday from 1-5 pm, and Fridays from 1-4 pm.  The company building was very well maintained, and provided for a great experience. 

When I would arrive at 1pm, I would begin my day by working on the Budget v. Actuals using Quickbooks, which was the primary project I worked on during my internship.  Around 3pm, or as soon as I complete my actuals, I worked on a registration platform using the program Kimbia which was a platform to collect credit card or check information for registration to our events.  After the first couple months had passed and I was finished with the Kimbia program, I was assigned the task of creating a formula to calculate advertisement reach, which involved several hours of research about populations pertaining to different sects in the population.  It also involved knowledge of basic statistics to avoid errors in creating the formula. 

As my projects varied in scope and deadlines, I worked on several projects simultaneously, and never really had a set schedule on when I would complete which task.  Nonetheless, I tried following the schedule I mentioned above, and found great success at this internship.  My boss, Abi Shirley, was excellent to work with.  I would recommend this internship, especially to those who like an open environment, where you do not have to report to your boss every single day and instead are motivated constantly those around you.  This was a great place to work, and I learned more than I could have imagined.

Summer 2011

Position: Outreach & Training Intern
Student: Anthropology Junior

Working at a non-profit is certainly a particular breed of business. The work atmosphere is laid back , but not lazy, which is a very special medium to work in. Everyone gets a lot done because they are passion and motivated by the cause, but the dress code is more casual and the atmosphere more collaborative.

My regular day as an Outreach & Development intern and ACTIVE Life is like this. I arrive to the office at 9am and set my desk up. The intern desks are in the center of the private offices, we all sit together. There are about 12 regular employees at ACTIVE Life, around 6 different departments with around 2-3 interns each. After setting up my work space I go into my supervisor’s office and we talk about what she wants me to work on for the day. My assignments range from a research endeavor about the new standardized test replacing the TAKS test to uploading pictures and videos from trainings, putting them on a photo sharing sight & making a slide show out of them for presentations. My job is to assist the Outreach program in growing, identifying new places to train and instituting those trainings. I am free to go to lunch whenever I please, I am given a lot of freedom, and I am required to be able to answer the phone and direct the callers to the department that would be the most helpful as well as be flexible if another department needs assistance.

I work till around 4pm , visit my supervisor whenever I need new assignments and keep her updated via email with whatever I have completed. She is very available and open to my questions and this makes for a great internship because I have freedom, meaningful assignments, and great mentorship from my supervisor.

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