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Liberal Arts Career Services

Airbus Operations S.A.S. (France)

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: Business Performance Analysis Intern
Student: Economics Senior

Comprised of several entities worldwide, Airbus SAS houses the largest fraction of its workforce along with its headquarters on the outskirts of Toulouse, France.  As the largest site of final assembly, Airbus Operations SAS is home to several of the company’s newly-minted aircraft, and its business goals center primarily on construction, testing and sale.

Interns are legally restricted to working anytime between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM for no more than 7 hours per work day. The official working language of Airbus is English, but the particular site of Airbus Operations SAS is predominantly French speaking, and English is typically used only as the lingua franca among groups of differing linguistic backgrounds.

My role as an Edumetric Engineer within the Airbus Manufacturing Academy (AMA) is to spearhead a new project involving evaluation and analysis of trainees responsible for assembling aircraft.  The specific aim of the project is to pinpoint trainees’ exact weaknesses to determine to which areas of training that my team most urgently needs to allocate its resources.  I am responsible on a daily basis for all that administering, analyzing and reporting the results of these examinations entails, including, but not limited to: liaising with our subcontractors, whose platform we are using to develop and administer these examinations, aggregating data as it is accumulated, synthesizing results into reports, and presenting my research and reporting methods to the AMA.  To a lesser extent, I am also responsible for educating other departments in the methods I have established, and for absorbing edumetric methods of evaluation and employing them as a participant in the construction of new evaluations.  Overall, my job requires initiative and strong mathematical and informatics competency, as well as adaptability, business sense, and intermediate to advanced French fluency.

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