Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Alliance Abroad Group

Spring 2009 Site Review

Student:  History Senior
Position:  Assistant to Director of Internships (Intern)

A typical day at Alliance Abroad Group, LP started off with getting to their comfortable offices off of MOPac Expressway, the Barton Skyway exit. Their hours of operation are 8:30am-5:30pm, typically with little in the morning and moderate to-heavy traffic in the afternoon. They prefer interns to work more than 10 hours per week, which coordinates with Career Services’ requirement at UT - Austin. The company employs around 50 employees total in a large office space with great view of outdoors, so the environment is relaxed right off the bat. People are very friendly and laid-back, and seem to very much enjoy the work they do. Because they are all part of a small company, everyone is also very familiar with each other, making the environment that much more friendly. The dress is very casual: jeans, closed-toe shoes, and a nice, pressed shirt became my uniform.

I worked in the Internship Department which consisted of about 6 members of paid staff, and three interns. Daily tasks ranged from data-entry of different kinds of information from host company leads for future business or potential website search-engine keywords to mail-merging foreign participants’ information from a spreadsheet into various orientation documents. For about 5 weeks, I worked on producing generic verbiage for our US Department of State training/internship placement plan documents for future foreign participants and their host companies, using our government’s acceptable job designations to guide me. The job of an intern at AAG is not hard, but did requirement some creativity and research on my part to make the plans acceptable for different companies around the country. Also, the job requires one to work diligently and to prioritize, as many tasks can be assigned. Beyond that, not much else was expected. I do not have any knowledge of any intern being reprimanded for any kind of misbehavior, which speaks to the company’s low-stress environment. Almost anyone could enjoy working for this company, like I did.

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