Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

AngelSpan Inc

Summer 2015 Site Review

Position: Utility Infielder
Student: Economics Senior

This internship has been an opportunity to learn more in one summer, than I have learned in many years of schooling. It is true that you learn more in the first six months of work, than you learn in school. Work experience is vital to the learning experience, as the working environment is the correct place to begin applying the classroom to the real world. One of the things I personally found very appealing about the ‘working lifestyle’ is the ability to separate work from your personal life.

As students, there is always an overlap between school, and life. There is always another test to study for, another HW assignment to complete. In work, you are able to leave the office at home, at least as an intern. I found this very appealing, as you can fully focus during work hours, and disconnect after work.

I was lucky enough to work in an incredibly cool working environment. We are based in a co-working space named WeWork. Startups are able to rent desks, and though my company only has a few people, you are surrounded by likeminded people who are working in their own companies. This exposure to new ideas, and different people is great for learning, and not just focusing on what you do. As an intern, this is great, because you learn about many different things, and ideas, and ways of doing business.

My typical day involves interacting with the senior team of my company, and basically observing every part of the business. My CEO was incredibly eager for me to learn everything, and took it upon himself to expose me to various parts of the business.

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