Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Anthem Newspaper Holdings

Summer 2010 Site Review

Position: Intern
Student: Philosophy Senior

Working for Anthem Holding has been a very rewarding experience for me. I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to work this group. Overall, my schedule has been very flexible. I usually put in a few hours of work Monday through Friday. I tend to arrive at work sometime after class and spend few hours there in the evening. Even though it may say it on the door, the office doesn’t have your usual work hours. I think this is very smart and progressive. They have adapted themselves to the “new prototype” worker and even encouraged it in many aspects. They are not very particular on when you come and go. I have learned a lot from their practices and hope to find a similar employer in the future. They are understanding if I am late or can’t make it some days because they just expect you to “make it up” in some other way. I really appreciate and respect this policy because it allows for flexibility. This flexibility has proven beneficial to me as well as the company because I am much more motivated to work when I am actually in the office. I have my own work space in the office with my own computer. This is very convenient and allows for maximum productivity.  I have problems concentrating so this have been extremely helpful. 

My responsibilities are extremely varied as well. For example, one day I may just  help with small errands and tasks. Other days I get into the technical aspects of the Merger and Acquisition side of the business.  I may be involved in looking at other potential companies and applying several different valuation techniques that I have learned over the summer. Other days I may conduct research  to assist in an ongoing project. Overall, I feel that I have been very involved in the daily working of the off office and company.

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