Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Appconomy, Inc.

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: Product Development & Marketing Intern
Student: Economics Senior

My internship company is a newly started high technology company that develops mobile phone applications to improve people’s lives. Since the major target market is China, our company aims at Chinese market and Chinese consuming habits to develop proper mobile phone applications.

As an intern, my responsibility is to conduct different market research using Chinese language and provide useful suggestions on consuming habits as well as consumer experiences. Besides, I do some translation work every now and then. My typical day would be talking to my supervisors to report the process of my work, conducting market research and translating Chinese documents. Since my schedule is not fixed, I contact my supervisor a day in advance to schedule an appointment the next day when we are both in the office to discuss the project I am working on. If I have more free time within my working hours, I will talk to the Human Resource Director for a while to talk about my career plans or any other projects I can help with. This is my typical day as an intern in my company.

Fall 2011 Site Review

Student: Economics Junior
Position: Business Development Intern

Appconomy is a venture-funded startup established last year. It is an IT company, providing mobile development platform and commerce features. One of their targets is Chinese companies, so I was recruited as a business development intern for Chinese market expansion. I conducted research for strategic business development projects and present the results to the board of directors, topics including research into mobile market in Asia, and effective marketing techniques in China. I helped expand the market in China by participating in the full spectrum of business marketing content creation, including website development, messaging and branding. And I establish an official Chinese website for the company and maintained two social networking sites on a daily basis

Because Appconomy is a small company of 25 people, I had access to and interaction with all functions of the business. Specifically, I received direct supervision and project instruction and feedback from the Director of Business Development on a weekly basis. Additionally, I was able to participate weekly in the all-company lunch and learn sessions held each Monday for all employees.

I worked ten hours per week. On Monday, all interns in the company have a training session held by HR. Tuesdays and Thursdays I did research and other supporting jobs, like translation, for different projects. I am usually included in three projects at the same time. So I needed to multitask and to be highly motivated. I developed my analytical, presentation and teamwork skills during the internship.

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