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Summer 2008 Site Review

Student: Spanish and Finance Senior
Position: Intern/Personal Assistant - (Innovación Department)

Interning abroad has definitely been one of the best experiences of my life. I worked at Arcor as an assistant to the Supervisor of Innovation Projects, but I learned so much more than just the day to day tasks I did for Arcor. In my internship I learned about what it’s like to work for a huge multinational company. I experienced first-hand how one survives in the office culture. I learned how to communicate professionally and how to work with other people to get things done. I learned many of the cultural differences between Argentina and the states, and I now have a good idea of what people from other countries think of us.

My role in Arcor was basically to help María Eugenia, my boss and the Supervisor of Innovation Projects, in any way that I could. She works in the department of innovation, and because of this she was very interested in any accredited business articles which discussed current ideas about innovation (i.e. How can a company innovate? How can a manager encourage innovative thinking in employees?). Many of these articles come from the US and are written in English. So, one of my main tasks was to read these articles and create a summary in Spanish so that she and other Arcor employees could know what the article was talking about before they tried to read them. I enjoyed this task because I learned new business concepts and improved my Spanish.

Arcor is also very interested in searching patents to get ideas for new products or production processes. So, my other main task was to create a detailed guide in Spanish for searching the US patent database. I learned a lot about patents, and I think I also improved my overall problem solving skills.

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Summer 2008 Site Review

Student: Spanish & Plan II Senior
Position: Legal Department Intern

Grupo Arcor is an international corporation based in Argentina that specializes in the manufacture and export of confectionery goods. With a solid track record of 50 years and running, the company has long since consolidated its domestic position as the model organization in terms of image and prestige, while achieving an impressive global reach in the process. Although it would be fair to say that Arcor concentrates the bulk of its undertakings within Latin America, the fact that its secondary operations represent regular exports to over 120 countries from 5 separate continents speaks volumes of its triumphs.

Consistent with the image that it has established both domestically and abroad, Arcor embraces even its unpaid interns as integral links in its continual expansion. Even before the true work begins, the supervisors and staff make you feel like you have every right to grab an Arcor product or a cup of coffee from the multipurpose room at any point in time. Such gestures on the part of Arcor create a true sense of welcome during the initial weeks, while helping to soothe any anxieties associated with interning in a foreign culture or surviving in a second language. Moreover, regardless of the specific department in which one is placed, the foreign intern can expect to make two separate day trips to Arcor´s original factory in Arroyito and to its equally renown chocolate factory in Colonia Caroya. At the end of each visit, the intern leaves with a bag loaded with each factory’s most popular products, thereby reinforcing the new employee’s feeling of welcome and belonging.

In addition to the company-wide perks of joining Arcor, an internship in the legal department fails to disappoint. This experience is geared toward the native or near-native speaker of Spanish, who wishes to solidify his Business Spanish vocabulary and Latin American profile before soliciting a legal or business career on an international scale. The majority of my work centered on the analysis and summary of international trade agreements for purposes of creating an original archive, and the beauty of legal contracts is that the wide-ranging clauses provided a foundation in both business and legal vocabulary, in Spanish.

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Summer 2008 Site Review

Student: Government Senior
Position: Evaluation Intern

I interned for the Evaluations & Investigations Department of the ARCOR Foundation, a non-profit organization under one of Argentina’s largest multinational candy manufacturer and exporter. The ARCOR Foundation was established in 1991 with the key mission to promote education at the childhood level in order to help reduce poverty levels in the rural areas of the Argentine Republic. The Evaluations & Investigations Department performs an annual survey and evaluation on each of the sixteen communities to assess the social projects, their effectiveness, and their shortcomings.

The first main part of the internship consisted of entering all of the completed evaluations onto the Impacto software system. Performing this data entry quickly gave me an insight into the gains and the struggles of the diverse projects, including mobile libraries, pediatric clinics, Tae Kwon Do and other sports facilities. It was then my duty to translate the qualitative information from the evaluations into quantitative data. Once the quantitative data was displayed graphically, I was able to assist a technician to determine which areas need what type of assistance, and which projects needed further administration.

The cultural experience of an internship abroad is truly phenomenal not only because you’re completely immersed in the Spanish language, but because you are able to learn about Argentine culture in a professional/work environment. Also, the social interactions among colleagues teaches you even much more about work culture in the U.S. Interning abroad is truly a life-changing experience that anyone with the opportunity to do so should go for it!

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