Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Austin Partners in Education

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: Reading Intern
Student: Plan II Senior

I have multiple responsibilities as an intern for Austin Partners in Education.  I have a different schedule Monday through Thursday, with twelve class assignments total.  I participate in 4 of APIE’s programs– middle school reading Classroom Coaching, Step-Up Reading, Step-Up Math, and 2nd grade reading Classroom Coaching.  I have a different role from many of the interns as a support coach for my coaching assignments and room coordination for my main Step-Up Reading class. I am at two middle schools and one elementary school. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday afternoons I help the Step-Up reading program manager out with setting up the room, passing out books and folders, other supplies, and snacks for the students. Many times I substitute for absent volunteers. More than anyone else I am familiar with the various levels in the curriculum and I help keep track of the point system that marks the progress of the 22 students in the class. I help other volunteers find the materials they need and help out if students are being difficult.

Tuesdays I have five assignments. In the morning I have Classroom Coaching and Step-Up at Burnet MS.  I arrive around 9 a.m. and head to our class with the other volunteers. The program coordinator updates me on who I am subbing for that day, as there are usually absences. Most of the other interns have a designated student group for the semester. During classroom coaching, the students pick a story to read and I facilitate discussion about it using the book’s guidelines. After, we go to our second class where I have my own student for Step-Up where I follow a strict curriculum with my student. I get a break before going to Webb MS where I support coach for two more 6th grade classes. My last class of the day is Step-Up reading. In addition to my responsibilities I try to stay aware of all of the students progress and behavior and assist the program manager with whatever she needs. My day typically ends between 4:05 and 4:30 p.m.

Fall 2011 Site Review

Student: Sociology Junior
Position: College Readiness Program Advocate

An internship with Austin Partners in Education as a College Readiness Program Advocate is dedicated on increasing the number of high school graduates that are college ready. We work with high school seniors in Austin ISD that have already passed their TAKS Tests in order to graduate but did not meet the requirements to be college ready in Math or Reading/Writing. All of the seniors in AISD have to take the COMPASS Exam that is administered by Austin Community College in order to be placed in the correct Math and Reading/Writing classes. We work with the individual students on Math or Reading/Writing every week during one of their class periods. Three weeks before they take the COMPASS Exam we work with them Monday-Thursday during their lunches in order for them to be prepared as much as possible for the exam. If the students do not obtain the scores in order to be college ready, we will keep working with them until they pass the exam with the scores that are needed for them not to take remedial classes in college. Besides working on the COMPASS, we also mentor students on what they plan to do after college. A typical day is to go to Travis H.S. around 9:15 a.m. and pull one of the students out of the last 30-45 minutes of 1st block and spend some time talking to them about where they’re at in their application for college. I can help the students with essays or finding more information about a specific college. Filling out the FAFSA and meeting deadlines is something that is stressed to all our students. After talking about college, we would work on worksheets for practice in different sections of the math portion of the COMPASS. Teaching the students how to solve problems in the simplest way that they can understand. Depending on the school schedules, you can meet with 4 students one day or 8 if you have a student during each block. The day ends after you meet with your last student around 4.

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