Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Barron & Adler, LLP

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: Clerk
Student: Plan II Senior

Typically I work about twenty hours per week during the school year and twenty to forty hours per week during the summer and winter breaks. My office allowed for a lot of flexibility in my schedule throughout the past few years so during finals or other busy periods in my college career I have also worked less than twenty hours per week for a few weeks. My basic responsibilities include ordering office supplies, answering the phones, and handling the filing. Normally I will come into the office, check my emails to see if anyone has asked me to do anything specific and/or time-sensitive, and then head to the file room to sort out what I need to do.

The attorneys and other secretaries will give me assignments throughout the day and week, and the most important part of my job is prioritizing my duties and figuring out what to work on when. The assignments I receive include typing up dictated letters, compiling data from various files into spreadsheets, scanning and/or copying documents to various people, running errands and making deliveries, and various other things. If I have completed all of my time-sensitive tasks, I make sure all of the filing is done and move on to the things I have to do that can be completed at a slower pace.

One of the biggest long-term things that I am in charge of is closing files, which can be a detailed and time-consuming process. I keep the closed files organized as well as the active ones and am responsible for making sure we do not close anything that has not actually been settled, financially or with the court or otherwise.

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