Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Black Vemooy Architects

Summer 2015 Site Review

Position: Research Assistant
Student: Economics Senior

Black+Vernooy is an architecture and urban design firm with offices located downtown on Fourth Street a short walk east from Republic Square. The firm has taken on and completed a wide variety of architectural projects; including urban-infill projects, large scale downtown mixed use development, and isolated residential houses.

In addition to these architectural projects, the firm has also been involved in various advocacy efforts aimed at improving the city. A few examples include the “Great Streets Program”, the Second Street District Revitalization, and the current efforts to improve Guadalupe Street.

As a research assistant I was able to participate in the forefront of these urban development projects and advocacy efforts. The office was generally alive with activity in the morning like any standard office, but a slightly more open design allowed light conversation to flow across desks and throughout the light filled workspace.

Much of the work that I performed involved research on urban policy theory, case studies, and implementations in cities in America and around the world. I also utilized public resources like the Austin History Center to retrieve early twentieth century photographs of old streets, buildings, and even The University of Texas. Since most of my research was aimed at helping provide a foundational understanding for how to achieve development projects and advocacy efforts I often created written reports coalescing and explaining any research that I had performed on a particular topic.

I also had the opportunity to participate in meetings involving our projects. My favorite assignment that I completed was when I developed a presentation that explained our advocacy strategy for improving Guadalupe. I was able to present this to different interested individuals and groups within Austin. This provided a great experience that helped strengthen my confidence in communicating complex ideas in a presentation format.

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