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BlueCat Screenplay Competition

Spring 2013 Site Review

Position: Summer Intern
Student: Psychology Sophomore

BlueCat Screenplay Competition is a highly ranked screenplay festival located in Los Angeles, CA. Two significant favorable components of being employed at BlueCat are the location of the internship site and co-workers. These two things greatly contributed to the whole experience at BlueCat and are probably the most important when deciding if one wanted to work for this specific screenplay festival.

The BlueCat headquarters are off of Hollywood Boulevard. One feature of working in this office was that they have a drop off mail slot to send letters, packages, and things, in the lobby. In addition, there are two ladies in the front lobby that deliver any mail one may have sent to the building directly to one’s office. The location of BlueCat Screenplay Competition was definitely a comfort and convenience. Another positive element to working at BlueCat was the staff.

I had the opportunity to work with both founders of the competition, but I more frequently assisted one of them. When the competition began they only received about 384 submitted screenplays, and this summer we have already gotten thousands of submissions for the deadline that is not until November. In result, an advantage of being on the BlueCat staff is that the company has grown exponentially in 15 years and is still growing. So I was a part of something that was still trying to make itself better. Another interesting part of working at BlueCat and a reason I was a part of developing BlueCat is that one will find that production companies are still trying to incorporate social media into their business.

I worked at BlueCat Screenplay Competition eight hours a day, five days a week. I made spreadsheets, did film research, and managed the social media for a short film being made by one of the founders. The other intern and I became friends. The founders knew to hire hard workers, so there was never any discrepancy on the amount of work distributed to each of us. The environment and collaboration was especially noted. Finally, I have learned so much being a staff member of this BlueCat and am sad to see it end.

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