Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Blue Orca Capital

Fall 2018

Position: Financial Analyst Intern
Student: Government & Accounting Senior

Blue Orca is an activist investment firm based on exhaustive due diligence and an unflinching voice. We conduct investigative research on public companies in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. We will focus primarily on activist short investment ideas in Asia and China which is the epicenter of global innovation and are critical to driving economic growth across the world. With that comes a responsibility for management teams, shareholders, auditors and other market participants to promote good corporate governance and to hold companies, executives and directors accountable for untruthful disclosures. We will not hold back from exposing dishonest or complacent companies that flout their responsibilities. My typical day as a financial analyst intern is as follows.

9:00 AM: Arrive at the office if there is no traffic on I35.

9:05 AM: Reconnect my computer to the Internet. Head to the kitchen for a cup of ginger tea.

9:10 AM: Talk to the senior analyst about today’s work. Chit chat a bit.

9:30 AM: Start working on the project. My main job responsibilities are finding evidence to support an investment thesis or finding a new thesis and then finding evidence to support it. I spent a lot of time on Googling, reading sell-side reports, searching through the company’s fillings and updating the model on Excel. Due diligence is significantly more investigative in a hedge fund than in a bank, insofar as you will be on the phone frequently, with various people that you would never expect could be useful, trying to figure out the value of things that are difficult to pin down.

12:00 PM: Lunch time.

1: 00 PM: Feeling sleepy. Time for a cup of coffee.

6:00 PM: Wait for the boss to leave.

7:00 PM: Boss should have left by this time, so we can leave. Upload all the work to Box and disconnect the computer.

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