Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Spring 2012 Site Review

Position: Graphic Design Intern
Student: American Studies Junior

After a short morning of class and a quick lunch I head over to the BuildASign headquarters located in North Austin. I get to work and start up my computer while quietly chatting with people sitting near by. I often forget to clock in – the clock in station is in the far reaches of the office near the back. Today, we'll say that I clocked in on time. 

As an intern, I have assignments just like the other designers in the creative department. We have a couple of ticketing systems that keep track of all of the assignments and the time it takes to complete them. Most of the time, I remember what I have to do without logging in to these systems – I write myself notes and use Google calendar to keep track of due dates. During my internship I have worked on projects for specific departments – at this particular time I'm working with the paper brand manager to design paper products to populate the new pages dedicated to selling paper. I work independently on this project within the guidelines given to me. In this case, I have to design cards for different categories and I am given some examples of what the paper team is looking for in designs. I work on big projects like this one, along with smaller assignments like designing emails, for instance. Once a week the lead designer checks in with me to make sure I have everything under control – but asking questions anytime is encouraged. When I'm working on a project with a different department quick walk by the desk meetings happen to make sure we're all on the same page.  I work independently on projects until the day is over. It is a great environment to work in – As an intern I have responsibility and what I do matters! This is what great internships are all about.

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