Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Bus & Nanthaveth, PLLC

Fall 2012 Site Review

Position: Legal Intern
Student: History Sophomore

My day at my internship could be one of two schedules, either it’s during the week and I only work 3 hours or it's a Friday and I work 6 hours. For the 3-hour days I get to sign in to Skype and just check in with my boss and work on the assignments she has planned for my day. Which usually is translating forms or speaking to Spanish speaking clients in order to set up appointments. I also get case files to fill out the form for and my boss will review them before we get the client to review and sign. 

Now Fridays that I work for 6 hours I usually have my appointments with clients those days, since I go over the forms with them and get them so sign the documents and explain anything they might have a questions about their case. That is also the day my boss will meet with me to discuss my assignments of the week. She also answers any question I may have about the forms and helps me understand the cases and why we do what we are doing with each client. As well as explain her plans for the future of the law firm and what she’s gone through to get where she is as well as gives advice of how law school will be.

But overall the work is self-driven with oversight once a week. I do have to report with my boss everything I do but it has a lot of independence on the job. I have to send off case files to U.S. Center of Immigration Services or National Visa Center after I’ve arranged the file. As well as do research to find loopholes for cases that are difficult then report back to Vi with what I have found in order to figure out what our next steps for the case should be. Or check the status of our cases to keep our clients informed as well as record everything to make sure its going through the right processes. It is a heavy work internship but it has also been greatly rewarding, when you get good news to report back to the clients.

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