Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Capital Metro

Fall 2014 Site Review

Position: Risk Intern
Student: Economics Sophomore

A day in the life of an intern at Capital Metro can range anywhere from tedious to exciting. There are days where you’ll have the urge to go to work so that you can work on your spiffy new project or maybe even a plethora of projects. On other days however, you can prepare yourself to be watching the clock as you either run out of things to do or have things to do that are just plain boring.  However, there are some people out there that do enjoy those repetitive tasks as you can honestly zone out and just be within your mind while you do it.

Some examples of things you will do are counting coupons, scanning a bunch of files, and checking that the files that are scanned match up with the data in the database. These are the things that completely bore me. If that was the only thing that I did at my internship, you can bet that I would have been long gone by now. Granted, you will still definitely need to do these things as if you push them back for too long, the general daily tasks will simply overwhelm you all at once. Not only that, but I find it easier to do the daily task and get them out of the way in 30 minutes to an hour rather than doing maybe 5-6 hours in a row of daily tasks. Always expect to do these things every single day.

Now the variable part of the day is what I enjoy. You get to express your creative mind a bit and flex your thinking brain. You will constantly have a string of projects and more projects will always be coming up. They can range from very long to complete to merely an hour. The projects that you really are passionate about are what redeem this job site. You get to do what you want the way you want it and it really makes time fly. Most days you’ll have a project or two lying around after you finish your daily tasks and you’ll simply do that for the rest of your day.

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