Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Casteel, Inc.

Spring 2011 Site Review

Position: Account Representative
Student: Economics Senior

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this semester my responsibility has been to arrive at work at 10am.  I would arrive in either slacks or blue jeans and a collared shirt ready to get to work immediately.  Once I had arrived I would usually begin my day by looking through the emails I had received from the informational web address listed on certain political candidate’s web sites.  For example, I would log into the web address and look through the emails.  For each different subject of an email (i.e. political, communication, fundraising, scheduling) I would forward the emails to a different person.  If the emails were newsletters from county republican parties or other smaller political organizations I would add the events listed to an event calendar.

After sifting through these emails I would then move onto whatever project my supervisor had given me for the day.  Most of the time the project would be some type of excel document or list that needed information added, deleted, or checked for errors.  This semester I mostly worked on lists of past political donors.  I would go only to research their address and phone number while also looking for any kind of political involvement they had had in the past.  These projects would usually keep me busy for most of the day.

Around twelve or twelve thirty I would leave for a thirty-minute lunch break.  On this lunch break I would also run any necessary errands for my supervisor.  Most of the time these errands include checking the PO Boxes and picking up or dropping off things at our accountants office.

In the last half of the internship, it became very common to have afternoon meetings once the other employees and I returned from lunch.  The meetings would function to talk strategy and or motivate everyone.  After the meeting I would work on the project given to me until it was completed or it was time to leave.

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