Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Center for Child Protection

Fall 2012 Site Review

Position: Family Support Intern
Student: Government Senior

This paper will detail “Day in the life at the Center of Child Protection as an intern” from my very own perspective.  The Center is very secure therefore; you will not be allowed to enter the building unless.  The receptionist at the front entrance recognizes you or you are scheduled for an appointment.  Once Mike, the receptionist recognizes me he buzzes me into the building.  I have to sign in on two different sign in sheets one of interns and the other for the center.  I usually stop by my immediate supervisor’s office to discuss what is planned for the day.  This entails what each child will be discussing in their interview or the reason why the child will be coming to the center. 

Next, after our meeting I head up stairs to the waiting area children go to before they interview.  I grab my name tag and begin to get the program room ready. I do this by turning on the light, setting the snack bowl out, start coffee for the parents. Then I head over the interview part of the center. There I turn on the noise makers to help ease the nervousness of the children before they interview. I also make sure the appropriate dolls are in the right rooms because they are used during the interviews.  After I walk back over the waiting area and wait for the children to come. Once the children are there I interact with them before their interviews or therapy appointments.  Once the children leave and head over to the interview part of the center I work on events, the website, and filing.  During this free time I also walk around the office to see if any of the employees need help with any projects.

Around noon I head down stairs to eat lunch with the employee’s in the break room. While there I take the time the time to eat and get to know the employee’s. After lunch I head up stairs to help out with anything dealing with program upstairs. Around 2pm I head out for the day and turn in my badge that allows me to enter restricted areas throughout the center.   

Spring 2011 Site Review

Position: Marketing Intern
Student: English Senior

This semester I was a marketing intern at the Center for Child Protection. The Center for Child Protection is a nonprofit organization that aims to lessen the trauma that children may experience during the procedures of investigation and prosecution of cases of child abuse.

I worked three days a week, each day for three and a half hours. A typical workday for me would begin with arriving and signing in, then receiving an electronic badge that would give me access to enter the different rooms and offices of the building. I wore this with my name tag. After signing in I would go to my desk, as I had one for myself with a computer, and would usually work on a project that had been assigned to me to be completed by a deadline of typically a few weeks. In the beginning of my internship, I performed research for my supervisor and others in the marketing department. Then, I organized a binder of marketing sources such as newspapers and magazines that had mentioned the Center over the course of last year.

Towards the middle of my internship, my concentration shifted to translating marketing materials for the Center from English into Spanish such as informational packets for parents, a portion of the content on their website, and an informational brochure. I would complete these translation tasks on the PC computer at my desk, but when it came to editing and making final revisions, such as to the parent packets, I would make them on a Mac. The Mac contained a design program that let me see what the packets would look like visually once they were ready for distribution.

The work atmosphere in the part of the Center where I worked was both professional and open. Everyone worked hard, but they were also very friendly and respectful to one another, including with me. In total, I really enjoyed my internship and would strongly recommend it.

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