Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services

Children’s Optimal Health

Fall 2017

Position: GIS Data Analyst Intern
Student: Geography Senior

Interning at Children’s Optimal Health is a very casual and personal setting. Susan, Maureen, and Dan are the three-other people in the office and Dan is who you often work closest with—he’s sort of the data manager. You have your own office with ArcMap loaded on the computer where you will spend most of your time. COH is an organization that visualizes spatial data on population health in the form of maps, and your main role is to make the maps. You will usually go back and forth about project ideas with Dan to make sure you’re both on the same page, while Maureen and Susan will be off doing their own jobs. Some of the work you’ll do may also consist of researching various ideas in the field of health or gathering publically available datasets. Each week there is usually a team meeting where everyone in the office gets together to update each other on what they’ve been doing and to discuss goals for moving forward. Along with weekly meetings, the COH Board meets multiple times a year at the St. David’s Foundation to discuss budget, recruitment, recent legislation, projects, etc., and you’re expected to participate. You may be asked to present the work you’ve done, which is exciting and quite an honor. Other days you may go to presentations or meetings being hosted around Austin to learn about recent events. The internship will provide you a lot of opportunities to learn about the field of population/public health, HIPPA/FERPA laws, managing individual level data, and the realities of data acquisition/data management that you don’t learn in school. Aside from all the work-related talk, COH is a very casual environment where you can take your lunch as you please, dress a bit more laid back (business casual), and have easy going conversation with your colleagues.  

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