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Clear Channel Radio

Summer 2011 Site Review

Position: Bobby Bones Show Intern (96.7 KISS FM, The Bobby Bones Show)
Student: History Senior

This summer I decided to intern at Clear Channel within Austin, TX.  The company, Clear Channel, owns several radio stations within Austin. Particularly, I interned for the morning show of 96.7 KISS FM. Their morning show is called The Bobby Bones Show. This internship is unpaid and one must receive college credit. Due to the time of the show, the interns must show up at the station by 5:00 AM three times a week. The three days out of the week are up to the individuals. Unfortunately, you do have to work Memorial Day but you do get the fourth of July off. In addition, interns must submit show-prep the night before one is to work. Show-prep contains three stories/ideas that relate to the listeners or will be a good addition to the show. When an intern arrives at the station, one is handed an assignment. These assignments range from preparing games, researching information for their website, editing sounds bits, answering the request line, typing up the re-cap, editing the podcast or in charge of the podcast sheet. Also, the cast does often ask the interns to ask to get them breakfast or supplies for their food. These tasks are done from 5:00 AM- 10:00 AM, which is the end of the morning show.

After the show, the interns are responsible for finishing up the show’s podcast and for creating The Intern Show. I believe, The Intern Show, is a great opportunity to advance your radio skills. Though this is not live, the interns are allowed within the booth to record the show and discuss any topics they wish to discuss. These shows are usually under twenty minutes and are created into a podcast.

Summer 2011 Site Reviews

Position: Marketing Intern (96.7 KISS and 102.3 The Beat)
Student: History Senior

My internship at Clear Channel Radio as a promotions intern for KISS 96.7 and 102.3 The Beat has been my favorite internship to date by far. It wasn’t just the meeting all the cool singers, free lunches, or an amazing person I worked with, it was how much I learned at the internship and the knowledge and value I gained about the music world.

I learned so much about promotions and about working at a radio station than I had ever learned. With having interned in television before it was interesting to see how the radio side of things work and how different that they actually are. I can definitely see myself loving to work with music because music is something I truly I am passionate about. Everyday as a promotions intern I would get daily promotion assignments for the various events the radio station was putting on that week. A big even that we did was the Bobby Bones Show “Name that Tune” tournament. The prep for the tournament involved a lot of hard work and at times extra hours but I was willing to do it as best as I could because I loved it. I also put together prize winner sheets for promotional contest and helped out at music lounges and concerts where I would get to interact with celebrities. Metting Ke$ha was an awesome experience and to think that I was doing it for work makes me want to pursue this career more.    

I know I have what it takes to succeed in the promotion side of business and I would really like to do this soon after college in the radio world so I hope that is what happens. I have to admit that I continue to impress myself and others with the positive feedback I get from just doing my job but at the same time doing it better than anyone else, I can see I have the determination and the efficiency of a good worker to make it big time in the near future, I hope the future isn’t so far away though!

Summer 2011 Site Reviews

Position: Promotions Intern
Student: Psychology & French Junior

As a promotions intern at Clear Channel Radio, there are many responsibilities that are given to us in order to successfully run the promotions department. On a typical day, I arrive at the office and greet the other interns I am working with. We check the schedule to see what promotional events are taking place that day, and we prepare to go to our respective events. I would collect promotional items and any larger prizes from the sales department that the radio station was going to be giving away that day and place them in a bin. I would then upload pictures from the day before onto the radio station website.

Once it was time to go, we would load up the radio station vehicle and arrive at our site. I would help set up tents and tables, and I would locate our Account Executive and on-site contact in order to make sure everything was set up to their likings. Each event lasted around five hours, during which time we would greet customers, promote the radio station and client, play games and give away prizes to listeners, and aid whichever on-air talent was at the event.

After the event, I would drive the station vehicle back to the office, unload all of the supplies, and return to the promotions department. We would return the cameras to be prepared for the next day, as well as return any large prizes to a secure location. If any other employees needed help, I would do whatever errands or projects needed completion.

Fall 2009 Site Review

Position: Intern (96.7 KISS FM, The Bobby Bones Show)
Student: Undeclared Sophomore

This semester I interned at 96.7 KISS FM with the The Bobby Bones Show and Clear Channel Communications. My official title was a production intern and my immediate supervisor was Alayna Messer, the shows affiliate producer. My responsibilities were different every day because all of the interns rotate positions every day but, weekly, I would eventually cover all of the tasks.

I was required to submit show prep every day before the show that had the potential to be used on air but it was not guaranteed. I also had to answer phones at times, screening the calls before callers were able to get on air and had to give away prizes when the callers won a game or contest. I had to edit and upload the show’s podcasts using an array of editing programs. If I wasn't doing any of that I would have to write a daily recap. This consisted of sitting in the studio with the show and typing what was essentially a summary of the day's show which is to be posted online for listeners to read. The recap usually added up to about 7-8 pages.

There are many other responsibilities that would show up randomly including making copies and retrieving papers from the printer, recording and loading clips into the system for the show, and running errands for the show's cast in order to further the benefit of the show. I was able to get a small amount of airtime as well. I would recommend this internship to anybody interested in either on air work in radio or radio production.

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