Liberal Arts Career Services
Liberal Arts Career Services


Fall 2008 Site Review

Student: Economics Senior
Position: Program Intern

CLEAResult Consulting is a private owned business that goes to schools/city buildings and measures how efficient they are currently, compare them to other schools/city buildings of the same size, and tell them ways how they can be more efficient, and the schools will pay for this service because once they reach a certain level of efficiency, they receive a rebate from the utilities with a big ‘check giving’ event that gives them good PR.

My day would began with me usually coming into work around 9 or 9:30 am and going to my desk and working on whatever project I was working on. There wasn’t ever anyone over my shoulder, watching me like a hawk, which is something I definitely enjoyed.

The work I did was a various amount of things. Even though I was not an engineer intern, I still did engineer work, such as calculating square footage for buildings and lighting inventory. Lighting inventory consisted of making a list of all the rooms in the building and counting how many of each lights were in each room from a drawing so the program consultants could go to the school and do a random check to make sure that the drawings were correct. Then once they verified this information, they could calculate the efficiency of the building by kW per square foot.

Other activities I did were organizing E-Tracker, which is an online database for one of the major utilities in Texas call Oncor, collect ARI certificates online for E3 forms that I filled out, sourcing, and data collecting. Also, I became a temporary receptionist because our original receptionist moved to China. All of these things have been great experiences to add to my resume.

This company takes care of their employees which to me is very important. Every month they have a lady come in to give us massages, and there are often paid lunches provided for us when celebrating all sorts of things like accomplishments and birthdays. I loved my experience so much that I accepted a full time position here at CLEAResult.

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